Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Warranty Fix for the FW

Tuesday:  First time hitching on our own and then Karaoke

The hitching / securing process went very smoothly.  I can see how one can become complacent though.  I’m thinking I should put together a list, we will see.

We were a little apprehensive moving the rig during a NJ rush hour.  However, we were going south which is mostly in the opposite direction of the people going to New York City.   We made a mistake right away by getting on the north bound side of the Garden State Parkway, going right into traffic!  However, it was only 2 miles to the exit where we could turn around.  This exit was very busy as it is a park and ride exit.  The turnaround was smooth until we needed to make a left to the south entrance ramp.  This is also the park and ride entrance and exit on the opposite side just ahead of us.  Just getting to the south entrance we backed up about ¼ mile of traffic!  Now we needed to turn left across traffic with a very sharp turn.  It looked like we could be there for a long time.  After just a couple of minutes, a nice woman in the left lane stopped her car and traffic for us to turn!  Jersey gets way too many bad raps when this sort of thing with nice people happens all of the time.

We had a very uneventful trip to the RV service area after the wrong turn incident.  We went back to our friend’s house and just veg’d the rest of the day.  We didn’t know what to do if our house was missing.  We did get the paper work together for registering it in South Dakota.  We will be ready for that tomorrow.  
We got the call back from RV service and were told that the levelers were in fact installed too high and would be covered under warranty.  The work would be done tomorrow morning and it would be ready by around noon.  That was good news.

Our friends Cindy and Rob were going out to a local bar for karaoke and asked if we wanted to go.  We accepted and off we went to MJ’s bar and restaurant in Neptune NJ.  We had a good time while Patty, Cindy, and Rob sang, I watched the Olympics on the big screen TVs.  I just love the women’s sand volleyball.

Looking out the back window of MJ's

Patty in the center singing Karaoke

We were back to their house by 10pm.

We pick up the rig (our house) tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

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