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Down time and a Virus

Friday: August 17th 2012

Woke to the sound of Patty puking at 2am!  I got up and made coffee for me and to see if she needed me to get her anything.  She wanted some Pepto-Bismol and we didn’t have any in the RV.  There is a large open 24h TOPS grocery store just up the road about a mile so I decided to go and get it.

Patty slept and puked most of the day.  I went for a short 2 mile walk, did some resistance exercises, and just piddled around the RV.   Around 2 in the afternoon Patty decided she should see a DR.  I found an Urgent care place about 5 miles away so we went there.  They gave her some anti-nausea pills and a prescription for more.  They told her to only eat clear foods today and go slowly to more solid stuff like bananas and pudding in a day or two.   I went back to the TOPS and loaded up on beef and chicken broth, bananas, and pudding.

While I was out I also got some cable TV cable to hook-up the RV to the free campground cable.  I needed to do this as again we are blocked by trees for the satellite system.  The cable is really pretty good, we get about 80 channels J

I cooked a couple of dogs for my dinner and then watched TV until time for bed.  Not sure what is in store for tomorrow.  This week is mostly family time.

Stay tuned!