Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Travel Day and Free Camping!

Sunday – August 26, 2012 – Travel Day, Grand Island NY to Butler OH

Today is going to be our longest pull so far at 295 miles.  This will mean that we will need to fuel up mid-way with the RV attached, first time for that also.

We started getting ready to leave at 9am.  We needed to stow everything, bikes, ground matt, grille, and then dump the tanks and stow the electrical cable,  water and sewer hose.  The process from start to finish (hitched and ready to go) took 1 hour and 45 minute.  We left the campsite at 11am and headed south on I190 to I90 to I271 to I71 in Ohio. 

Just over the state line in to Ohio (150 miles from Grand Island) we made a stop for fuel.  We were wanting to stop at a flying J as they are supposed to be very RV friendly.  We pulled over where there was a Flying J but on the way saw that fuel was cheaper by 6 cents at another station so we went there.  Not sure if this is true at all big diesel fuel stations but the last 2 we have been at do not take credit cards at the pump.  You pump your fuel and then go in to pay.  Seems weird to pump $100 worth of diesel fuel without talking to anyone.

First time getting fuel with the RV attached.  Store had LARGE drinks for just 70 cents each so we each got something as a prize!
Nice trip down in to Ohio.   We arrived at the River Trail Crossing RV Park around 4:30pm.  The park is located about 10 miles off I71 and is bordered by corn on one side, a stream, and an 18 mile bike trail.  The bike trail was one of the reasons to stay here.  The other reason being it is half way to our stay in Indiana.  

We pulled in and met the owner who said that she messed up and gave away our nice pull through full hook-up 50A spot L  However, she had several 30A water and electric only spots right on the stream.  We took a look and these spots were wide open, perfect.  Also, we have found that we can easily go 3 days without need to dump the tanks and probably up to 7 days if we are careful and used the camp showers. 

The only problem with 30 amps is we can’t use both AC units.  Most of the time one AC unit is OK.  However, today the temp is 93 and very humid.  It will just take longer to cool down the RV with just one running.  We took one of the spaces all the way on the end with the most room.

One other good thing about this site is that the owner decided to not charge us for the 2 nights for our  inconvenience . Also there are no trees in the way of the satellite TV reception :)  So a free stay with satellite TV! 

We got set up, opened the wine bar, made dinner, and then took a walk around the campground.  Looks like a lot of full timers here as several of the license plates were from Texas and Florida 2 of the 3 favorite states for Full timers.  South Dakota is the other favorite state of full timers.

Our set up for the next couple of days.
Tomorrow we plan to bike some of the trail and just veg out as it to rain in the afternoon.

Stay tuned!

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