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Beautiful Day In Grand Island NY

Wednesday – August 22, 2012 – Grand Island, NY

We are back on track with Patty feeling much better now.  The weather here in Grand Island is getting hotter again.  Today we had 80f but the humidity was only 40%.  It could reach 90f during the coming weekend.  We would like the weather to stay this way all of the time.

We had a nice morning with Patty’s sister Cheryl who stopped in to visit and see the RV.  I made breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast for all of us.  I’m still getting use to the kitchen, mostly how to utilize the available space.  This will take a little time but mostly I am only cooking for 2 people so it’s not a problem.

The visit wore Patty out so she took a nap around noon.  I then took off on my bike to ride the entire circle from our campground through Buckhorn State Park and back.  It was not as far as I thought at only 6 miles.  How do I know the route is 6 miles?   Let me plug a great FREE app for the Android phone (may be for the Apple also) called MapMyRide.  The app records your route on Google maps and gives you your speeds, elevations, calories burned, and distance.  The route through the park runs next to the Niagara River. I’m hoping to get Patty to ride this this week before we leave.

Nice house along the path

Niagra River looking north toward the Falls

Stay tuned!