Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

!st Day as Full Time RVers!

Wednesday:  Full Time RV Start!!!

August 15th we started our full time RV life!  We got up as usual at 7am and made our coffee and did our internet routine.  The difference this morning is that we stated to close up the RV for transport.  Our plan was to leave our friends driveway at 10am and travel 230 miles to the Country Music Campground in Cortland NY.  

I printed out a check list the night before and have it in the truck for last minute check off before we leave.  Rob and Cindy said they wanted to be there when we put the slides in so we did everything up to that point so they could be there.  They showed up for the slide pull in right on time, we must have been synchronized!  Got the slides in and did the truck hitch and now for the very hard part, saying good bye L

It's finally time to get in and go!

It’s always hard to say good bye dam it!  The larger picture for me is that we always sort of say good bye to most of our friends at the end of the Beach season as most of our friends are associated with Gunnison beach.  This season was very different from previous seasons in that we sold our house and moved temporarily to our beach house in May.  So we have actually lived near most of our friends for the past 3 months.  It has made all of our friends feel much closer to us making our leaving that much more hard.  Another aspect to this is that we are not actually going to a place, we are just leaving.   So, for me, I’m not sure how I will actually feel for a while yet.  I do know that we will reconnect with many family members in NY and IN and friends through out the US who we moved away from many years ago.

Anyway, enough about that emotional stuff.  We were ready to go by 10:30 on a beautiful sunny day to start “living our dream” J  As we just pulled on to Broadway in Keyport a saying came to mind and I said it to Patty.  The saying is “And we rolled clean out of sight”.  I think it’s a Bob Seeger song lyric.

We traveled 230 miles from Keyport NJ and arrived at the Country music Campground a little after 2pm.  The campground is basically a circle of RV sites around a small pond about 1.5 miles off I81 and 30 miles south of Syracuse NY.

A little corny, but nice,,and cheap!

 Looks to us like about half of the people here are here full time for the season with the rest here as we are, in transit.  You can’t beat the price of $11.00 with water and electric! They also have a dump station for when we leave in the morning.  We backed into the site with very little problem in about 15 minutes.  Only one little problem that added another 15 minutes to the set up.  We didn’t position the RV correctly taking in to account the slides.  The left rear slide was too close to the power station so we had to re-hitch and move about a foot to clear the power station.  One more lesson learned without damage!

Our first camping site

We needed to go into town and get fuel and we decided to get steaks for dinner.  We had our fresh steaks with our left over Jersey sweet corn we brought with us.  Both were very good.  I took a walk around the campground (counted 54 RV here) and then we watched some TV.  It didn’t take long and we were ready for bed.

Tomorrow will be our trip to Grand Island NY where we will stay for the next 10 days.

Stay tuned!

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Kurt Bukowski said...

So, how does it feel to be a full time RV'er? :) I bet it's exciting to travel around the country with your partner, and it's a whole new experience for the both of you. That should keep the fire burning, I guess. Heheh. By the way, what's your next destination after you've reached Grand Island New York?

Kurt Bukowski