Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Virus doesn’t want to leave

Saturday - Sunday:  

Patty was still feeling the virus so we went to a real hospital on Saturday morning.   We went to DeGraff in North Tonawanda NY about 10 miles away.  Since she had lost a lot of fluids she was dehydrated and her blood sugars were high so it was decided to admit her overnight.   It really sucks for her as we are here to visit her family.

On Sunday morning I went to visit hoping that I would be taking her home.  She was still not holding anything down!  We saw the Dr. twice and each time he believes this to be a virus and would pass.  All of her vitals as well as her blood work were normal now.  Looks like another 24 hrs. in the hospital for Patty.  She really is not happy now.

I left the hospital at 2:30 to get some errands done.  Needed to get fuel and wanted to get the truck washed which I did.  I also was going to start to do laundry.  I told Patty that I would be back at 6pm to eat dinner with her so I went to the grocery store and got some salmon and brussel sprouts to cook on the grille.  I took this dinner to the hospital and made the place smell like fish J

Before I went to the hospital on Sunday morning I went for a bike ride.  The weather has been great here, lows in the morning around 55 with highs in the upper 70s with very low humidity at 45.  I found a very nice trail with the trail head being just around the block from our campsite.  I only rode on the trail for a couple of miles but will go back and ride the whole thing sometime this week.  The map shows that it goes all the way to the Niagara River and follows is for a short distance.  I hope Patty is up to doing this trail with me sometime this week.

It looks like the trail was the Power Lines access road

Here’s hoping Monday is better for Patty!

Stay tuned!

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