Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Thursday:  RV Modification

From my reading and researching for the past few years it became apparent to me that our FW would need a power management system.  I purchased the most popular system the Progressive industries HC50.  It protects the RVs electrical system from surges like lightning and bad camp ground power.  It also protects the electrical system from improperly wired camp ground systems.  It protects against over and under voltage, under and over frequency, improper grounds and neutrals.  When you plug into a camp ground system it will wait 15 seconds to analysis the electrical power before turning on the RV.  If the power is not right, it will not turn on power to the RV.  It will also turn off the power to the RV if the power gets bad.  It also has a by-pass switch if something goes wrong with the unit.

Got to go in there to install the power management system

What a rats nest!

The power management system before install

Installation requires that it is installed in to the main power cable for the RV.  I will need to cut the main cable and wire the two ends into the management system.  Before I can do that, I need to remove our stuff from the storage area under the RV and remove two wall panels.  Next is locate the main power cable and cut it where there is room to place the management system.  Also need to run a data cable into the RV where it connects to a display unit.

After cutting the main power cable

The display unit

I started the install around 10 am and finished it around 1:30 pm.  During the install I found a leaking pipe from the shower.  RVs are really not put together very well.  I put silicone in and around the drain pipe joint which seems to have fixed that.  If I had not put the power system in I would not have caught that.  It was a small leak that would have eventually rotted the wood under it.

Anyway, after the power management system installation I turned back on the power to the RV and,,,,,it works!  It’s really nice when something works the first time!

Nice dinner with Rob and Cindy.  We got fresh salmon and cod for the grille with fresh corn on the cob.  Yum!

Tomorrow will be finishing moving out of the shack and starting to move the stored stuff out of Rob and Cindy’s house.

Stay tuned!

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