Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Rig warming and farewell party

Saturday:  RV “House Warming” and Going Away Party

Well it’s here, a party to see our new rig (house) and to say good bye for a while.  Our friends Rob and Cindy, at whose driveway we are using to move into our rig, helped arrange this party.  We can’t thank them enough for this and all of their help. Thanks guys!

Not sure how many people attended but we think around 35 came to wish us good luck and to say good bye.  Between us we must have given 30 tours of the rig during the day.   There was a lot of food and all of it got eaten very quickly.  Usually at these parties, in our experience, there is left overs.  Not at this party!  We had 20 lbs of BBQ beef short ribs, 7 lbs of salt potatoes, 10 lbs of BBQ chicken pieces, and multiple salads. We also had the usual summer time fare of hamburgers and hot dogs.  To top it all off we had a 1/4 keg of Blue Moon beer, red and white wines, assorted liquors and mixers including a variety of sodas and water.

One of the highlights was the cake that our friend Leo made for us.  He has made a few cakes we have seen in the past that were fantastic.  

Thanks Leo!

We didn't know he was going to make this so it was a real surprise.  The 5th wheel part got eaten and we froze the truck part to be eaten next year at this time.  We plan to be back in the drive way for the month of August next year.

The next couple of days we are going to finish moving into the rig.  Hope we don’t overload it!  We are planning to have it weighed when we get to the Rally in Oregon next month.

Stay tuned!

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