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Released - Back to normal!!

Monday - Tuesday:  August 20-21, 2012

Monday Patty was still not holding down much food although she was holding down a little.  The Dr. said that he was pretty sure that tomorrow, Tuesday, she should be released. 

Tuesday was very much a better day for Patty.  She wasn’t puking and was now holding down food.  The Dr. came in and made the assessment that she could now go home!!!  I really not sure how she got what she did but I’m so glad it’s over.

We decided to go out to eat with Patty’s parent again as I wanted a fish fry.  I wanted the fish fry that I didn’t get last Friday.  We also picked up our mail at her parents’ house which had our new plate for the RV from South Dakota.  Patty did pretty good and had a simple soup.  The evening tired her out so we went back to the RV after dinner.  Patty was in bed early tonight.

Not much to say as this has slowed us down some.  Tomorrow I plan to take a bike ride around the entire Buckhorn State Park.

Stay tuned!