Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Butler Ohio - Bikes and Campfire

Monday – August 27, 2012 –  Butler OH

OK, Monday looks like rain L  We decide to get on our bikes and do a ride on the bike path early before the rain.  We started at 8:30 am and went 2 miles east to the end of the trail in Butler.  We then turned around and rode 5 miles past our campsite and then turned around and headed back as it was really looking like rain any minute.  

Entrance to the Butler OH Campground

This is at the start of the bike trail in Butler.

Patty in Butler

In Butler.  I like these old signs on barns.

Along the bike trail
The access from the campsite to the trail is via a gravel road with a somewhat steep U-turn up on to the paved trail.  When we got back to this access point,  we going a little too fast.  I was in the lead and when I made the corner going down the turn I started to slide but able to gain control.  I looked back to check on Patty and that’s when  I heard her fall.  She lost control and went over the handle bars on to the mixed gravel and pavement.  She only had minor scrapes however her right elbow was hurting.  We got back to the RV just as it started to rain which it did most of the day.  Patty iced the elbow and we just hung out watching TV, reading, and took a nap J

The rain finally stopped and it really completely cleared up around 6 pm.  I went on a wood expedition with the roll-ez and found some good but wet wood for a campfire.   We bought jumbo marshmallows and roster forks just before we left NJ and wanted to use them.  With liter fluid and a roll of paper towels we got the fire going very well.  It was a great ending to a wet but wonderful day.

First camp fire.  There is a creek just in front of us.
View from the creek-side
First marshmallow roasted! 

Tomorrow we leave for Indiana.

Stay tuned!

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