Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Travel Day to Klamath on the California Coast

Monday:  October 01, 2012 

OK, this trip was slow and tiring! It was just like playing one of those race car games on Nintendo for 2 of the 4 hours of the trip of 170 miles.  Route 199 is pretty much an uneventful ride until you cross into California.  There are places that the tree trunks are notched out for vehicles along the right side of the road in curves!  The road in California is narrow with sharp switchbacks that have out cropping rocks and tree trunks.  I wouldn't say that it’s dangerous; you just need to be constantly alert and focused on the road.  The steering wheel was getting wet with sweat and I had to keep switching positions on the wheel to get a better grip.

I have 50 feet of truck and trailer behind me!

Tractor Trailers are coming the other way!
When I see this, what the crap is coming!
This tree has had a notch cut from it so traffic can get by!  I was so busy watching the road I couldn't watch the right side in these tight places.  I just gritted my teeth and waited for the crunching sounds that didn't happen :)
Going through the Redwood National Forest on 199 was like being in a prehistoric time.  It is also dark in the middle of the day as the trees filter the sunshine.

When we arrived at Crescent City, CA we were at the Pacific Coast.  We went from 80 to 65 degrees within a few feet on the road all the way to Klamath.  This off shore air flow also causes a lot of fog all of the time due to the cold water temp hitting the very hot land air. 

That quick, we exit the mountain road to the Pacific Coast.
We are now about 10 miles from the camp ground.

The air is also full of salt that coats everything.

Our camp ground is on the Klamath river just a few miles from the Redwood National Park.  We have cable TV and some cell phone and a slow $2.00 a day internet.

Looking West up the Klamath river toward the Pacific Ocean about 2 miles away.

There we are in the center looking north from where I took the river pic.

Tomorrow we visit the Redwoods.

Stay tuned!

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