Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Good RV news and travel back to Phoenix AZ

Monday - Tuesday October 29 -30, 2012 

We started the day on Monday by watching the storm on the east coast.  We are so pulling for our friends back in the east.  We have been through some big storms there and know something about it but this is something else.   The 2 towns we lived in are both 100% without power and it is reported it may stay that way for a week or longer. 

Good news!!  We got word from Forest River (Parent of our RV Manufacturer) that our AC blower motor was shipped from Indiana today and is scheduled to arrive at the RV service dealer, Anthem RV in Anthem AZ which is just north of Phoenix.  I called Anthem RV to let them know the new delivery date and found out that the new ladder has also arrived.  Great news! 

One of the things we have learned is that when you RV full time it is very important that you can get parts when and where you need them.  The manufacturer of our RV, Prime Time has been very proactive with getting our parts to us here in Arizona. They also stepped in when we were having trouble getting the satellite system installed when we purchased the RV.  We sort of took a chance on this small place in Arizona, Anthem RV, and so far we are satisfied there.  After I let them know the AC part was to come in on Thursday, I had no problem getting an appointment for first thing Friday to get the work done.  We are planning to head east right after Anthem RV finishes on Friday.

On Tuesday we headed back to Phoenix to wait for the parts and the appointment on Friday.  On the way back to Phoenix we had to pull over for a border check.  A first for us!  Everyone on highway 8 was required to pull over so they could check for illegals. We pulled up and stopped and they just waved us through.  I guess we didn't look like we had any hidden Mexicans in the RV J

We arrived at our new RV Park around 3:20 and were in and set up by 4:15.  We are getting good at this.  I was counting the places we have stayed in since we started and came up with 23 places so far.  I'm amazed that I can picture all of them so far.  I think it helps to do this BLOG.

Back in Phoenix AZ.  Rosie is still showing her flower.  Not a bad place but pricey at $38 a day.  It has a pool and spa and is still in Phoenix.  It is now in season here so we couldn't get the 50% off Passport America rate.  Also, we are starting to find that places are filling up with seasonals "snowbirds".  That will be us when we get to Florida.
We are planning on going to the AZ state fair either Wednesday or Thursday so I can get another corn dog (AZ has foot long ones!).  Also, Patty’s folding bike is supposed to come in today at the RV Park in care of our friends Paul and Sue Everett in Goodyear AZ today.  I got my bike out so I could be ready to ride with when she gets it.

Our pet Chinese Rose, "Rosie", bloomed on Monday.

Border checkpoint on Highway 8 in AZ.  RVs and trucks on right, cars on the left.  Us trucks and RVs had to exit and reenter the highway.

Inside the border checkpoint.

Got word that family and friends in NY & especially NJ are all fine, although without power. Our good friends had their privacy fence blown down and most businesses are closed due to lack of power. The boroughs we lived in are both 100% without power. We also heard that our former summer "shack" we stayed in is likely uninhabitable due to water damage. All the boardwalks on the Jersey shore are wiped out. The amusements are in the ocean.  Just devastating news from back home. 

Stay tuned!

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Liza Pilon said...

You’re so right in saying that you’ve got to be able to know when and where you can get parts. RVs are still vehicles, after all, and are as susceptible to vehicle problems as the next car is. It’s great to hear that this place in AZ is getting the job done and really well at that, too! I hope you haven’t had any trouble with the part since!

Liza Pilon