Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Hanging around in Yuma AZ

Friday, Saturday, Sunday October 26 -28, 2012 

We have decided to stay in Yuma until either Tuesday or Wednesday primarily to wait for a mail delivery.  After we get the mail delivery we will move back up to the Phoenix area to wait on parts to come in to repair our RV.  No real big deal repairs but we want to get them done before we head for Florida.  

The biggest issue is the bedroom AC unit that has a blower motor with bearings that are making noise.  The manufacturer is sending a new motor assembly to the RV dealer in Phoenix on Monday.  The RV dealer had a promise date of November 08 for the AC which was way too late for us.  I worked with the RV manufacturer that I got to know during the build of the RV to get the part expedited by a week from Dometic, the manufacturer of the AC system.  We are hoping it gets here by Wednesday or Thursday and installed by Friday morning.  Then we can get on the road for Florida.  

We need to be in Ft Lauderdale Florida by November 19th for our flight north on the 20th.  That gives us 17 days to travel 2300 miles.  We really didn't want to get this short of time again, like we did going west back in September.

Mostly we have just been hanging out at the pool and hot tub at the park for the past 3 days.  We have also been watching the developments with the storm Sandy in NJ.  Our satellite system gets the local NJ/NY TV stations so we are seeing the store just like if we were there.  This storm looks like it will be a REAL big one.

Saturday evening photo of the near full moon looking east.  Our site is just to the left. 

The dirty grit on the truck.  The wind has stopped today so I think I will wash this off.

Our site.

The pool and hot tub.  

This cactus is in front of the pool area.  It sort of looks like Gumby.
In the next few days we will wash the truck again and maybe the RV.  They are covered in a gritty dust/sand like material.  Other than that we are just going to relax and watch the storm in NJ.

Stay tuned!

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