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Chill Day in Coalinga CA

Friday,  October 11, 2012 

Today was just what we needed, a slow, just chill out day.  We are still having the high voltage issues that shut off the rig about once every couple of hours.  It’s around 70 degrees with really low humidity even with the off and on rain.  It is really weird having rain with low humidity.  As soon as the rain stops, the road is dry within a few minutes even without the sun.

We washed clothes, got propane, and went to town to get wine and some food staples.  I also used my new air compressor to finally get the dually tires to the proper pressures.  It is very difficult to get to the inner tires.  I need to put my arm in between the tires and then twist my wrist around to get to the valve stem pressure sensor to remove it.    Anyway, they are are now at the correct pressures!

We went into the town of Coalinga to get wine and food and to fill up with fuel.  Coalinga is small but has a Kmart, and several gas stations as well as a large food store for food and wine.  The wine is also very cheap.  The box wine we buy in NJ at $16 was only $11 here.  Diesel was $4.35 which was a deal compared to $4.69 at the interstate 5 where we are parked.  Overall, it was a good shopping day.

We got one of those rotisserie cooked chickens from the food store to save time.  These chickens are good and cheap.  We made garlic mashed potatoes and fresh Brussels sprouts to go with the chicken, yum, yum!  We really like to cook together.  This is entertainment for us.

Tomorrow we head to Palm Springs and specially a +55 resort for 5 days.  The temperatures there are to be in the 80s in the day time and mid-60s at night.  This will be a vacation for us.  It's a long trip of just under 300 miles so we will be heading out early hopefully.

Stay tuned!