Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Crater Lake RV Resort and the Mountain Music Festival

Saturday:  September 29, 2012 

A note about the weather.  Since we left NJ it has only rained in the day time once and that was in Illinois while driving and then for only about 10 minutes.  Each has been great to be outdoors.  I think we had rain one night that didn't leave any traces in the morning.  It’s getting a little spooky!

This morning was no different in the weather pattern for us, bright crystal clear fresh air type morning.  This campground is probably the nicest we have been in yet.  We are nestled in to large Ponderosa pine trees with nettles all over the ground.  We just can’t get over the smell here.  It smells like something from a glade air freshener, it’s that strong.  The smell is even in the RV now!  We really want to take the smell with us.
We decided to lay low for the morning and catch up on social media and do our blog since leaving the rally environment of Harrisburg and Junction City.  The camp host told us about the local music festival called Music In The Mountains in the nearby town of Prospect, Oregon so we decided to go in to town and see what was happening.  Prospect is a town of 2500 people and is within walking distance of our RV park.  It’s about a mile to Prospect from where are camped.  If there is 2500 people in this town then the town city limits must spread real far.  As far as we could tell this town has one main road and maybe 3 streets.  The main road the town is on is about a mile long.  If you didn't know where you were, it would be hard to tell the difference from a rural town in the Appalachians of West Virginia.

Don't miss this sign, it's the only one!
What a shame, this really old car was along the way in to Prospect Oregon.
We walked in to town and found that the music event would cost only $12 each if we waited till 1:30 and it was now 1:00.  So we went to the only tavern in town to have a drink and see the action.   The barmaid’s name was Chrystal who served us just like we were locals.  And the locals looked like a Deliverance scene.  However, the locals were like actors who talked like normal people but who looked the part of a depressed rural backwoods town.

Nice post office!
The fine drinking and eating establishment in Prospect Oregon.

Door handles on the Tavern and Cafe

Note the picture on the wall in the back.
Door handles on the Tavern and Cafe

Outside the Prospect Hotel
At 1:30 we bought our tickets and went into the “Music in the Mountains” festival.  What an eclectic event.  The best way to describe it is that the event would be magical if we were dropping acid.  The musical group we watched was called “Stereotyped”.  It featured a real base player, a banjo, a guitar, and a female lead singer who mostly sang through a megaphone and a trumpet in to the microphone.  Their sound was sort of a mix of bluegrass/Lynyrd Skynyrd/rock.  I liked it!  They had local dancers in the grass with girls doing hula hoop dance with the music.  The whole time there was smoke from the BBQ that was being made to sell floating through the area.  The whole space was surrounded and covered by really tall and thick pine trees.

Entrance to the Music In the Mountains.

Stereotype the Band

Patty and I talked to and made friends with 6-8 people at the festival.  We talked with Nancy the wine seller who full timed RV for a year and a half (best time of the life), Jean, the National Park worker, who gave us great tips for seeing the lake, and a host of people sitting eating and drinking.  We even struck up a conversation with the hula hoop girls one of which had a pet tortoise who we petted.  Oh crap, the tortoises name - Knock, as in (now get this) Knock Turtle (nocturnal, get it)!  “Is that Rod Sterling I see?!!  She also has a tattoo on her leg of an arrow pointing up her leg.  Hmmmmm……

Nancy the Wine seller.
Petting Knock Turtle.

Knock Turtle 

As we were leaving we run into a guy in his fifties with a very old mini-bike.  He had what looked to be a car that was on its last leg but he had a vintage mini-bike he had restored that he paid $200 for.  As we past the tavern, a woman was leaving who had a brace on her leg and was trying to get into a wheelchair that we helped her with.  Found out that she is a nurse and that she had a real funny story how she hurt her leg.  She has a truck that has an electric parking brake that doesn't work right, she needs to touch the wires under the dash to engage and release the brake.  Well, she was leaving work one night, started the truck, put it in drive and realized she forgot to touch the wires to release the parking brake.  She got out of the truck to get under the dash and the truck took off with her hanging out of the truck.  The truck ran up and over her leg on curb!  Ouch!!  You can’t make this crap up!

We were pretty toasted when we got home so we just chilled with TV and more of our own wine.
I swear, if the Beatles dressed in the Sergeants Pepper outfits came marching through that festival, no one would have even noticed.  Really, it was that surreal!

Tomorrow we take on Crater Lake.

Stay tuned!

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