Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Mini Vacation at Caliente Springs in Desert Hot Springs CA

Monday-Tuesday, October 15-16, 2012 

Monday and Tuesday were just relaxing days for Patty and I here in Cailente Springs.  The day time temperature gets up to the mid 90s and it’s a nice 65-68 at night.  It’s real hard to not like this. What we really like is the great hot spring that feeds the pools and hot tubs here.  The water has a lot of minerals in it and, supposedly has curative powers.  What we noticed is that our skin feels very smooth now and not just after you are in the pools but the next day also.  It’s also sort of weird that we can get into a 100 degree hot tub and a 90 degree pool and feel refreshed, but we do.  When we get out of the pool it actually feels cold even when the air temperature is 95.  It’s got something to do with the dryness of the air here we think.  Anyway, we like it here and we think we may winter here or in this area sometime in the future.

On Tuesday after we spent some time in the pools we took a very short drive to town,  Desert Hot Springs.  We needed to get some basic food supplies like eggs, milk, onions and stuff.  We also topped off the fuel tank.  Then it was back to play water volleyball at 3 pm.  They play here 2 time a day and on two days of the week 3 times.  I love water volley balll.  I have played each day we have been here and for about 2 hours each time. 

Last night we watched the presidential debate.  I thought it was one of the best debates I have ever watched between presidential candidates.  Both sides presented a good view of where they are coming from and you could see pretty much where the differences are.  I believe that both are good guys and have our country’s best interests at heart.   I have my pick, and I’m not going to share it here, but I’m not really worried if either guy wins.  I would like to see some of both guys policies put into action.

Tomorrow we leave for Quartzite AZ about 125 miles from here.  This will Patty's first time driving the rig!  Yes, I am nervous about her driving, but she wants to drive and it is best if she can in case I can't sometime.  It's a short drive and looks to be  a good one for Patty to get a feel for it.  Just going to stay 2 nights there and then off to Phoenix AZ for visit with Patty’s high school friends and with mutual friends who are also full time RVers who are also in the area. 

Next Monday we have an appointment at an RV dealer in Phoenix to fix some more warranty issues.  The bedroom AC unit is making a buzzing sound that can only be heard in the RV.  It still cools well though but is annoying and may lead to other issues.  The other item is the ladder that broke.  The ladder is not a big deal as I have a ladder that I can get on the roof with if need be.

Just a picture during our morning walk around the resort before it gets too hot.

Our broken ladder.  It broke on the left at the screw support.

We made some adjustments for next week’s travel.  Our basic plan is to travel I 10 across the deep south to Florida and arrive there on the 19th of November.  We are going to store the RV and Truck for a month and fly up north to visit family.  However, our friends, Marge and Jim from La Jolla CA are going to be at a resort near here in Southern CA for a Halloween Party and we decided to join them next weekend.  We have time in our plans for stuff like this so we are going to do it.  It will require that we go back to Southern CA after Phoenix through Yuma AZ to Jacumba CA.  It’s about a 600 mile round trip. 

Stay tuned!

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