Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Travel day: Santa Rosa to Greenbrae CA

Sunday:  October 07, 2012 

We moved a very short distance of 50 miles to Greenbrae, CA on the SF Bay today.  The trip took about an hour.  However parking of the rig took 1.5 hours!  It is a very tight back-in space, just enough room to open our slides.  I tried to use my new trick of staying close to the site before backing in.  The main problem with this site is that it’s just before a curve to the left and the site is on the right with a fence around the curve.  The fence would not allow me to pull forward enough past the site to start the back in.  The only good part is that the space directly across the road was empty.  I finally got it in the space with much frustration. 

Our RV Park.
After we were set up we had a little lesson learned session about how we could have done this better.  We decided that we could have gained some room by staying a little farther away from the site and angle the truck to the right before starting to back up.  By angling the truck to the right I might have gained some maneuverability as the rig would start turning in quicker when I start to back up.

We walked to the ferry terminal a half mile away to get tickets and be ready for tomorrow morning when we go over to SF for our tour.  We had 2 ferry terminal workers help us get the tickets and decide how much money to put on our “Clipper” card.  The ferry is $6 each way per person with the card.  Without the card the price is $9 for the same thing.  The cards are also good with the transit systems in SF also.  We decided to get $60 on each of our cards.

The walk to the ferry

SF in the distance as we walk to the ferry.

We are now ready for tomorrows city and Alcatraz tours.

Stay tuned!

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