Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Hanging with Friends and Travel to Yuma AZ

Tuesday - Wednesday, October 23 -24, 2012 

We had big ambitions to do laundry and hang around the pool most of the day.  We started the laundry and then decided to go grocery shopping while the clothes were washing. Grocery shopping took about 2 hours and then putting it away was another hour. 

So our plan to hang around the pool sort of turned in to just an hour or so and we didn't even get in the water.  However, we did get to visit with Paul and his wife Sue Everett for the time we were at the pool.  We also got together at their 5th wheel for cocktails before dinner.

Paul and his wife Sue at the pool.
We made plans with Paul and Sue to have Breakfast on Wednesday morning before we leave for Yuma AZ.  They found this great place (TJs in Goodyear AZ) for breakfast that has gigantic biscuits.   Paul and I ordered a Denver Omelet and a choice of side was biscuits and gravy.  The omelets came on separate plates from the biscuits and gravy.  The biscuits and gravy took an entire plate the same size as the omelet, they were an entire meal by themselves.

It was a great meal with great friends.  But all things too soon come to an end and we were saying our “see you down the roads”.  Paul and Sue are staying here for a few more weeks and we are moving on to Yuma AZ about 150 miles to the south west.  

It is possible we will be back in this area next week for RV service depending on the parts getting here on time.  The service guy said he would call when the parts got in and then we could schedule an appointment.  Only the AC blower motor was in question.  The original date given to service was the 8th of November which is much too late for us.  I got in touch with Jeff Rank of Forest River and, with his help, was able to get the motor expedited to next week delivery.  Even with all of this happening next week, we are going to need to move very fast across the US to get to Miami by the 17th of November.

We took our time getting ourselves ready to leave for Yuma.  This is a short haul and should be an uneventful trip today.  The trip was just as we thought, easy.  We are staying the next couple of nights at an Escapee campground called SKP KOFA KO-OP Retreat.  Can’t beat the price of $18 for full hook ups, cable and WiFi! 

Not much to look at here.

Cool rock formations with a freight train going by.

We had one mountain pass just before Yuma to go through.

Same mountain pass where you can see the other direction. 

We arrived at the campground around 3 pm and were all set up by 3:40 pm.  The campground does meter the electric and the Wifi is actually unusable.  The cell signal is mostly 3g here and is adequate for getting on-line that way. We made a steak dinner and then went to the Spa and pool after dark.  That was very, very nice after a travel day.  We went back to watch a little DVR recorded shows we had and fell asleep in our recliners.

Our camp in Yuma.

Our pet plant Rosie the Chinese Rose is starting a bloom!! 
Another great full day!!

Tomorrow we plan to wash the truck and go to Mexico for the afternoon and maybe have dinner there J

Stay tuned!

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