2012 - 2017 Travel Map (Map NOT Current) - Now in South Prairie Washington

Travel Day: Salt Lake City UT to Boise ID

Wednesday:  September 12, 2012  

The day sort of sucked to start off.  I have been having trouble hitching up the RV to the truck and this morning that continued.  We got rid of the lubricating disk and the same issue remains.  Then while trying to hitch, the truck tire pressure sensor alarm started going off.  Sure enough, the right outside rear tire was low at 60 psi.  The pressure in the rear tires should be 75 psi.  I decided to go and get the tire filled before hitching.  Then I fell out of the truck while getting out one of the numerous times checking the tires and trying to hitch.  I slipped off the running board and twisted my right ankle and also jammed my left thumb.  Part of the problem hitching was the fact that I was on the curb so at the front of the truck where the door is the footing was not level which also twisted my ankle when I slipped off the running board.  It seems that Patty and I are just very clumsy.

So off to get the tire some air.  The rear tires are real hard to fill with air.  The outside tires have valve stems that point in toward the truck and the inside stems are just hard to get to.  To fill the outside tires I need either a reverse fill tip or I have to thread the air hose between the tires to the stem.  The first place I went to was a Flying J and the air hose only had the straight on type connection.  The next place was 5 miles away and it was also the straight on type.  It’s now getting to be very late at 11:00 am.  We are now over 90 minutes late and we have not hitched up yet.  I was just a bit stressed, to say the least.  I was also in a lot of pain.  I had to take off a guard from the air hose to make it fit between the tires so I can get the air hose to the stem.  It worked!!!

Now back at the RV, Patty helped to bandage me up put an ice pack on my ankle.  Now to get the RV hitched. We took it slow this time and raised the connection height to where the pin and hitch were slightly loose and it hitched.    Maybe I have been too low the past few times??

We are now 2 hours past when we wanted to leave and we have 6 hours to drive to where we wanted to camp.  We decided to go the entire distance to our original campsite so we wouldn’t need to drive so much tomorrow.  The drive was an easy one to Boise and tomorrow we had a slight advantage of gaining an hour going into the Pacific Time Zone. 

Most of the scenery on I 15 up to Boise was burnt high desert.  There was mile after mile of grassy lands as far as we could see.  The drive covers about 300 miles of  flat barren grasslands with very few fuel stations.  We decided to get fuel a little under half way and I was not yet at my usual half a tank because the next station was 60 miles away.  I could go another 120 miles but we didn't want to chance it.  We pulled off the highway and went through wildlife barriers in the road.  They are bars in the road that keep animals like antelope and such from getting to the highway.  You need to go real slow over these as they are very rough on the truck.  There is only one gas station which happens to be the only thing and I mean only thing, at this exit.  The price reads $4.99 for diesel fuel!  These people have us by the balls!  After I have pulled up to the pump another truck with 5th wheel like ours pulls up next to me.  The guy jumps out and says "holly shit, these people are ripping us off!".  Yup, they are and there is nothing we can do about it.  It was $115 for half a tank of fuel!  But now we could make it all the way to our campground without stopping.

Burnt ground.

More burnt ground.

More burnt ground.

More burnt ground.

Burnt ground.  Notice the bugs now on the windshield.  This is just after a couple of hundred miles.

You can go fast in the west. I do about 65.
And how about those power lines to nowhere?

 Tomorrow will be a travel day to Bend, Oregon.

Stay tuned!