Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Crawfordsville IN & New Doctor

Thursday – August 30, 2012

Today starts a new chapter in the full-time RV life for us; we get a new primary care doctor.  We picked this area in Indiana as it is where the grand-kids are so we figure we will be through here the most.  We are going to try to be here every 3-4 months.

So this morning we are up at 6am and ready to travel the 30 minutes to the doctor’s office in Lafayette Indiana.  Lafayette is home to Purdue and the Indiana University Medical school and their health center.  We wanted a medical team not just a doctor and we can get this at the IU medical center. 

 We arrived on time at 8:30am and found the reception area.  I say area as it is an area not the traditional hole in the wall with a window where you slide your information through and then wait.  This reception area is more like the check in counter at the airport without the lines.  They take all of your information and get everything ready for your visit.  They were friendly; they even help each other behind the counter.  We were impressed to say the least.

After the reception in take process we wait in the waiting area for a few minutes and they come and get you.  We are both taken to the exam room together and are treated together.  The Dr. was very thorough and his team was very efficient.  While we were being examined, patty’s orthopedic appointment was made and blood work labs were set up as well as medications.  The Dr. even went on to his computer and looked up our medications on the insurance site and updated them with us.  Within an hour and half we both had exams, medications updated, new appointments made with other Drs and blood work done.

Patty’s orthopedic appointment was not till 1pm so we did some food shopping at Sam’s Club and had lunch at Fridays.  The Orthopedic Dr experience was the same as the primary Dr we had this morning.  The whole thing took us about 35 minutes. 

Now, for the rest of the story on Patty’s broken elbow.  The Doc came in looked right away at the x-rays Patty had and said “you don’t need a cast for this, just use a sling and some PT in a week”.  He then went about getting the splint off her arm that the crapy hospital put on.   We explained that we were not going to be here after Tuesday so PT would need to be done by Patty on her own.  The Doc thought that was fine.  If there is any problem just see someone where we are.

We got back to Crawfordsville and took a nap J  That evening were made some BBQ beef short ribs with corn on the cob and asparagus at my son’s house.   Finally after 30 some years I found out that NJ has better corn on the cob.  I was never here when I had corn in NJ and some in IN close together.  I’m still undecided about the tomatoes.  The ones I had here so far were very good.

Tomorrow my step father and his wife come to visit us and see the RV.

These are some random pictures from the week so far.  We have been so busy here that I got behind.

The RV is full!  All 3 granddaughters and Patty.

My son Tony

Granddaughter Livy.  She is showing me that she can touch her nose with her tongue.

Granddaughter Savannah.

Our site at Sugar Creek Campground in Crawfordsville IN.

Stay tuned!

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