Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Just hang’n in Harrisburg OR

Monday:  September 17, 2012 

We didn’t do the hot springs as they are 2.5 hours away, would make a 5 hour round trip.  I decided to do a bike ride into the town of Harrisburg which is only a couple of miles away.  The town’s population is around 5,000 people.  I rode up and down the towns 20 or so streets and found a bike path along the Willamette River.  It was a very short bike path but it did take me down to the river.  My bike ride lasted all of 45 minutes and I was back to the RV.

Since Patty’s arm is still not strong enough to hold her on the bike, we went to the on-site pool and hot tub in the afternoon.  It’s very weird with the low humidity here.  The air temperature is 85 and the humidity is around 20%.  You just don’t seem to sweat J  We really like the climate so far here in Oregon.

The trees here at the park are planted in such a way that it looks like there is a tunnel built in each row.

Swimming pool and hot tub all to ourselves.

There are some interesting rigs here.  This one is from BC Canada.  They have a queen bed in the truck!  Also pulling a 40 foot 5th wheel.  They are 65 feet long when pulling!!

One of many bus conversions here.
The rally is sponsoring (for free) an RV tech to fix stuff on your rig.  The repair needs to be an hour or less and you pay for parts.  I had them look at my black tank leak-by problem and they suggested that I have a secondary manual valve put in.  Made sense to me as this is what we did on locomotives.  The valve near the toilet on a locomotive would sometimes leak or be left open.  Then the maintainer would try to empty the tank and get crap all over him when he would open the cap.  Same with the RV, I open the cap and crap comes out before I can get a hose on it, not very nice.  The place does warranty work on our unit so we scheduled an appointment for them to do the warranty work we need and to put on the secondary crap valve next week when we leave here.

There are about 35 rally attendees here now.  The rally starts tomorrow afternoon with sign-in starting at 2pm. 

We plan to go to Eugene about 12 miles away to get a part for the BBQ and to get my hair cut.

Stay tuned!

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