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Crawfordsville IN & Yes it is a break!

Wednesday – August 29, 2012

My sister Diana arrived this morning for a visit.  She lives with my brother about 60 miles away in Acton Indiana.  Also, the grand-kids and parents, 8 total, came over for a cookout!  This was the first time with an RV full of people and we made it through just fine. 

OK, now the news about Patty’s elbow.  The hospital called early and said they made a mistake and that the elbow was in fact broken and it needed to have a splint.  We went over to the local hospital that no one here locally goes to, we are now finding out why, to get the splint.  This didn’t take long at all to get the splint.  She was told that she would need to see an orthopedic Dr. to get a cast which we will do when we go to see our new primary physician tomorrow in Lafayette.

Stay tuned!