Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

325 mile Road Trip in Oregon

Monday:  September 24, 2012 

We were up early at 6:30am as Patty had an appointment with a physical therapist in Junction City, about 8 miles south at 8am.  After the appointment, we went to a local restaurant to have breakfast.  It was kind of a dumpy place with a lot of flies :[]  The food was ok, how do you mess up eggs anyway.  Done with breakfast and we were off for a big road trip up the coast to Portland.

First view of the coast just north of Florence OR.  Looking South.

First view of the coast just north of Florence OR.  Looking North.

Note the salt/fog in the air.  It's all over the truck now.

The sign says for us to watch for bikes in the tunnel.  Really! 

Interesting concrete bridges.

Buildings in Portland OR.
The end of a great day.

We planned to head west on some small roads until we met up with SR126 to get to Florence on the Pacific coast.  Then we would head north for about 50 miles of coast driving up SR101.  This is the same road as the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in California.  The views were absolutely beautiful.  It was a shame that we couldn’t stop much as we needed to be in Portland by around 4pm for another appointment Patty had with an herbal Dr.  

We turned east on SR18 to Portland for about 90 more miles.  We did stop once to get some pictures and to get some local produce.  We stopped at a produce farm on SR18 and got some fresh tomatoes, onions, and some cucumbers.  Patty planned to make a salad from this produce for dinner. 

We arrived in Portland just before 4pm and we were a little worried we would be too late for the appointment.  We didn’t need to have worried, Patty got right in.  We were done there around 5:30 and headed back to our RV 89 miles south on I5.  We got back just as the sun was setting over the mountains to the west.

We had a great dinner of shrimp cocktail, corn on the cob (not good), and the absolutely fantastic salad.

Tomorrow we plan to do domestic stuff, laundry, food shopping, and get a couple of vent covers for the RV.  I may even wash the truck.  It is covered in salt from the ocean spray.

Stay tuned!

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