2012 - 2017 Travel Map (Map NOT Current) - Now in South Prairie Washington

Travel Day: Nampa (Boise) ID to Bend OR

Thursday September 13, 2012.

First real desert driving!  Wow!  It was around 80 miles between fuel stations.  We went miles and miles without seeing a house or any buildings.  We took route 20 for about 275 miles across Oregon in what is called high desert due to the elevation of 3500 to 6500 feet.  The beginning of the route was mostly vegetable fields of Onions, potatoes and items we couldn't identify.  Saw lots of Mexicans working in the onion fields along the way. Oh, and the speed limit is 55 - 45 the entire length, so we saved some on fuel.  The drive does have several scenic areas, however the drive is mostly a long flat straight drive through a bright brown desert.

Along State Route 20 in Oregon.  Note the power lines to nowhere again.

Looks like the surface of the moon!

Arriving in Bend,  Note the snow capped mountains in the background.
We are staying at the Scandia RV park in Bend.  It is expensive and it's a tight park.  However, we have quite a lot of space at our site.  No fires are permitted due to the extreme fire danger in the area (most of the west).  We researched many places in the area before we picked this place.  This place is actually cheaper than most and it had availability.  Last night we saw that this park is also now full.  This area is a very popular RV site.

Tomorrow we plan to do errands we have built up.

Stay tuned!