Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Travel day Deming NM to Balmorhea TX

Monday: November 6, 2012 

We got started this morning at 9:30 am as we did yesterday.  The temperature was a little cold at 42 this morning!  We haven’t felt that since we were in Eastern Oregon in September.  The high today will be around 78 so we are still in shorts, damn it! 

Today we are going to lose an hour going east as we pass the time zone in Texas.  We have 275 miles to go today or about 5 hours. So with the time zone change it will be 4 pm when we arrive.  We like to be stopped by 2-3 if possible.

The ride was through Las Cruces NM, El Paso TX, to 150 miles south west to Balmorhea TX on Route I-10.  Balmorhea is just past the divide of Interstate 10 and 20.  10 goes to San Antonio and 20 goes to Dallas.   We are taking the most southern route you can take to Florida on Interstate 10.

We are staying at the Saddleback RV park just off I-10.  It is $10 for full 50 amp hook ups a night with Passport America.  You just can't beat that!  There is no cable, Wifi, or even local TV stations.  This is the first time we are using the satellite only for TV which is OK.  We like to get the local TV so we can see what is happening.  However, there is no locality to be local here.  It is real desolate here.  Maybe we can see a lot of stars tonight!

The trip had some interesting sites.  The mountains in Las Cruces were stunning.  They were a bright reddish orange this morning as we passed through.  Then the closeness of the Mexican border in El Paso was very different.  As we were passing through El Paso you could see that the houses on the right side of the highway were in slums.  Then as you looked closer you could see the fence close enough you could throw a ball across.  The houses were literally close enough to could yell over to the Mexicans on the other side.  Then there is the absolute stillness of West Texas.  There are places with no civilization as far as you can see and the same on the map, not even other roads.

Las Cruces New Mexico

Leaving New Mexico.  Short stay of 2 days!

Entering Texas.

Texas has 2 signs.  Everything is just bigger in Texas.

Just the other side of the railcars is the border fence.

Border fence in El Paso Texas.  I would have never though it would be that close!

All day we have been seeing NASCAR trucks hauling race cars to Phoenix for the race this weekend.  They just raced in Texas.  Also, note the scenery here.  No civilization for miles!

Just very cool overpass in Texas.  We saw these all over the west but this is the first picture.

Patty drove most of the way today.  We left the RV Park and needed to get fuel in the next few miles.  When we stopped for fuel, Patty took the wheel for the second time.  She did fine and would do better if I wasn't such a backseat driver.    

Patty as captain of the rig today.  I liked the view from out the window also.
Just want to add that it really changes temperature quickly in the desert.  The temperature at 5:00 was 78 and then the sun set here at about 5:30.  By 6:00 the temperature is already 68.  It is to go to 48 overnight with near 80 for the high tomorrow.  With 8% humidity it is down right cold at just 68 when I went out to start the grille!

Tomorrow we go back to our 2 night minimum stay routine.  We head for Kerryville TX just outside of San Antonio TX.   We will be there for the election fun that night on TV.  Patty and I already voted via absentee a few weeks ago.

Stay tuned!

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