Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Holt and Madison Florida, Change of plans

Tuesday - Thursday: November 12-15, 2012 

This post will mostly be about our new short term travel plans.  We decided to change our travel plans to shorter distances between trips on our way to the Fort Lauderdale area.  The schedule we had was way too many miles in a day and we went through our last time change that is not favorable to traveling either.  Our new plan is to travel just 200 miles a day but just stay overnight at the next 2 sites in Madison and Kissimmee Florida. 

We missed the Mississippi state line.  This is as close as we could for the Alabama state line.

Very surprised by the impressive Mobile Alabama skyline.  

Also surprised that Mobile has a tunnel.  Always feel strange pulling a 40 foot long 13 foot high RV through a tunnel.

Inside the tunnel.

The Florida state line.  Look at the road change.  Alabama and Mississippi roads are just terrible.

Entrance to the Holt Florida campsite.

We eat very well.  Fresh spinach, Stuffing with fresh onions and celery and Tilapia with fresh lemons our friend Sue Everett picked from a tree at our campground in Arizona

Our site in Holt Florida.

We are currently in Madison Florida which is still too cold for us at a high today of 60.  Last night we stayed in Holt Florida and had an overnight temperature of 40!  That required the furnace again.  We have been traveling east just under the Alabama state line and the Gulf Coast.  Tomorrow we will finally start heading south and to Kissimmee Florida where the temperature was 80 todayJ.

We are just south of Alabama in Madison Florida.  This is the marker for that area....

Yes, that's right!  We are in Jellystone Park.  You can't beat full hook ups for $18 a night.

Our site in Madison Florida.
We stayed 2 nights in Holt Florida after leaving New Orleans.  The full day there allowed us to get the laundry done and to get some final food for the next few days.  We have meat but didn’t have vegetables to make with the meat.  We also bought some bug spray to cover the bottom of the RV while in storage in Florida.  We don’t know if we will need it but we are being proactive.   Also purchased was a 32 inch Christmas tree that we think we will put outside the RV after we return to Florida in December.

After almost 4 months on the road we are now figuring out how we are going to store the RV.  We have food in the frig that we are probably just going to throw out.  We are hoping that we can give some of it away at the resort in Florida.  There is not a lot of food left but just enough not to want to throw it out.   We are leaving our house with all of the power off and for someone else to watch.  The other thing is that we are coming back to staying in just one place for 3 months.  After that we are moving just 2 times in 3 months.   These are all firsts for us.  It is exactly what we wanted to do but we just have not done it until now. 

In just under 4 months we have traveled 10,000 miles!  Our original plan was to travel about 12,000 a year and it looks like we will do just that.  We just traveled most of the distance in the first 4 months.  It is really going to be nice to stay put for a while to remember where we have been.  Also, we can conserve some cash.  Traveling that far costs a lot of money, especially with diesel!!

Like I said before, tomorrow we will be in Kissimmee Florida and then in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday.  We take the RV to the storage site on Monday and stay in a hotel at the airport before leaving on Tuesday to Buffalo.  What a life! Whew!

Stay tuned!

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