Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Travel day Casa Grande AZ to Deming NM

Sunday: November 4 , 2012 

We got started this morning at 9:30 am.  We found out that AZ doesn’t do daylight savings time so the time in AZ and New Mexico where we are going is now the same.  I really didn't know this until I got up and checked the internet this morning to see what time it was here in AZ and in NM.  This makes a big difference as we are moving 300 miles today and an hour time difference just makes it later in the day when we arrive at our next stop.

We got to the New Mexico border and stopped for fuel.  We went through 3 different terrain changes in just 200 miles.  First, in the Casa Grande area it is the tall cactus.  Next came the extreme rocks near the border with New Mexico.  Then the short palm tree/bushes.  Lastly, just sand and dust in Deming New Mexico where we are spending the night. We found an Escapees resort for just $14/night plus electric.

We just got fuel at the New Mexico Border and after turning around to leave I took this picture of our rig.

These are the short palm tree/bushes.  Patty calls them Yucca.  I'm not sure about that.....

Lots of sand and dust.

30 miles of blowing dust warnings!!

Watched the weather on the news and a very deep jet stream is bringing cold weather right behind us.  It showed a big circle of warm weather where we are now moving east to where we are going over the next week.  We still can't believe the good luck we are having with the weather.

Tomorrow we are tentatively planning to stay just one night again in Balmorhea, TX about 300 miles from here.  We don’t need to stay just one night but there is nothing in Balmorhea, TX we really want to do and we want the extra time for later in our trip to Florida.

Stay tuned!

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