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Houston TX, wash RV and Truck Oil Change

Thursday - Friday: November 8-9, 2012

Not much to say here.  We basically did not explore Houston at all.  We are just staying here to get to New Orleans and Florida.  We got the truck's 5,000 mile oil change and we washed the RV, since the brochure "encourages" you to wash your RV.  I like being encouraged!  That’s about it here. 

We are now just starting to cope with the fact that we are going back North in a little more than a week.   We have been wearing summer clothes since May and we really want to continue to do that.  We are just a little bummed that this will change next week.  I’m not sure I can wear regular shoes anymore as I have worn flip flops now for 6 months. 

Somehow we didn't think this was coming so quick until just now so we have stuff in the fridge we will not eat before we need to store the RV for a month.  The RV will only keep the fridge running as long as the battery stays up which is about a week at the longest.  We are probably going to give food away!

We just got news that we have an RV site in the Tampa (Lutz) area of Florida for March through May.  The site is a rental from an owner in a private park.  This is a sweeeet deal.  We will stay here after we leave the Fort Lauderdale area and head up north to be close to Disney when the grandkids arrive in late May.  This will be a new experience for us to stay put for a long time.  We are now set for the winter!

Tomorrow we are off to New Orleans for 3 days.  We are running ahead of a storm from the west.  It looks like we will finally get rain on Monday in New Orleans L Looks as if this may be the first time we are inside because of bad weather.  We will see if this happens.

Stay tuned!