Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Rain/Cold and New Orleans Dinner Cruise

Monday: November 12, 2012 

The cold front finally overtook us today!  We got up to 42 outside with rain and wind.  Damn it; I had to put long pants and sneakers on for the first time since May! It was windy enough that it woke us up during the night with the RV shifting side to side with the gusts.  The temperature was 57 inside so we turned on the furnace to get the temperature up a few degrees and then just let the fireplace take over.  The Temperature came up outside to 65 around noon so not too bad.
Rain!  Can you see the confederate flag in the back ground?

We had an ambitious schedule for today, too ambitious!  We were first going to go to WalMart for household stuff and then do the tour we missed yesterday.  We didn't do either one, again Damn it!  We took too long in the morning with breakfast so we nixed the shopping plan.  We really wanted to do the tour so we concentrated on doing that.

We decided we would take the bus for just $1.50 to the French Quarter.  That worked out perfectly.  After arriving we needed to get to the tour site that was a very long walk.  The trolley was right where we were dropped off by the bus so we got on to take that to very close to the tour.  We got on and struck up a conversation with a couple from Australia who are touring the USA for 5 weeks.  They weren't going to do New Orleans but decided to after they couldn't get into NYC due to Sandy.  Anyway, we talked until the trolley came to the end and it was at the wrong end!  We were on the wrong trolley and now were over an hour away from where the tour begins.  It’s now 2 pm and the tour starts at 2 pm!  So now the tour isn't happening for us either, damn it again!!.  Not all was lost, we ended up in the cemetery section of New Orleans so we got to at least see that.  It's all good :) 

The trolley to the wrong place.
 It’s now 2 pm and we now have 4 hours to kill before the dinner cruise at 6 pm.  We walked down Bourbon street for a while looking for a cool T-shirt that we never found.  Then we went to a couple of bars with live entertainment and had drinks.  The last bar we had some fresh Beignets for an appetizer while we listened to some really cool jazz.  We managed to kill 4 hours!

Almost 69! Made fresh to order,our number for theBeignets

Live music on Bourbon Street.
A guy with big balls!

Me on my new job selling beer on Bourbon street.

One of those statue guys.

Bourbon street performer.

St Paul in the French Quarter at dusk.

The cruise started with a buffet dinner.  It was just OK.  I liked it better than Patty because it had large pieces fried Catfish.  For desert we had bread pudding with rum sauce which we both liked.  After dinner we went out on the deck to watch the Mississippi river and coast line in the dark.   If I was going to do this again I would do something in the daytime so we could see something.  We saw 2 things, a large Domino Sugar plant and an Exxon oil refinery.
New Orleans view from the steam boat on the Mississippi.
We were very cold after the cruise so we just got a cab back to the RV instead of taking the bus.  So ends a good cold day.

Tomorrow we head to Holt Florida 220 miles away.  We will go through Mississippi and Alabama on our way.  It looks like the temperature will stay the same until we move further south to Ocala Florida on Thursday where it is still 80 there.

Stay tuned!

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