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Truck Road Trip to Indiana: Day 3 - Son's House

Tuesday May 22:  After saying our goodbyes to Diana, (Roger was at work already) we were off to my son, Tony’s, house in Crawfordsville.  Crawfordsville is about 35 miles west of Indianapolis and about the same from the Illinois border.  It’s the city I was born in and was raised a few miles south in New Market.  It’s still largely a farming area, however, that has changed a lot in the 30 years since I lived there.

We arrived about an hour before the grand-kids got home from school.  Tony and I started with unloading the dining room table as theirs was on its last leg, literally!  The grand-kids got home from school and they found the truck with the furniture to be a good play area.  They called it a tree house, probably because it is up high and has the wood floor.

Tony and their former dining set

                                                               Bailey and Savannah