Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Loading up for the Indiana Truck Road Trip

Saturday May 19:  Got up early to load the bike on the back of the car and get the Budget rental truck.  Putting the bike on the truck with the new bike rack took much longer than I thought.  

Bike finally on the car at our Highlands rental house

Anyway we were on our way to the Budget rental office in Middletown about an hour late.  Bad news at Budget!  They did not have a truck for us even though we reserved it 2 weeks earlier!   They tried to get one, but there was no other one in NJ!  So I called Penske about a mile down the road and they had a brand new truck for us but at $200 more.  I took it, what else could I do, I also have one of Chas’s friends waiting at the house to help us move.

Finally got to the house 2 hours late and started the load up.  It was a lot easier because we had already moved everything in to the garage the previous Thursday.  Loaded the stuff going to my son's house first as it was going to Indiana.  Next we loaded the stuff for Chas which was going to New Brunswick later in the day.

Finished loading and off to New Brunswick I went.  

New Brunswick is about 40 miles away or about an hour.  After arriving it took about an hour to unload the stuff into the apartment.  All’s good so far.  Got back to the house at 7 pm, showered and got ready to go out for dinner.  We went out to eat one last time at our favorites local places, the Castaways.  We liked it because we could walk there and it was fun walking through the woods at night with flashlights.

We got back around 11 pm and, with no TV now, we went to sleep.  Sleep tonight was going to be on our mattress which we put on the floor in downstairs family room.  This will be the last stuff in to the truck in the morning.

Long day tomorrow!

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