Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Last house party & yard sale!

Saturday the 12th we had a BBQ for Chas and friends to say goodbye to the "Party Palace", where they all have many memories over the years. He had a good turnout and the food went over quite well.  36 burgers, 25 dogs, 200 meatballs, 5 pounds of pasta salad, and assorted other snacks.

They had some yard games to play as well as the usual - beer pong!

Chas is in the royal blue golf shirt. Great group of young men and women a number of whom graduate from Rutgers this month.

The official tape measure was out, these guys are serious about their bocce ball!

On the same day, The last garage sale!  We added our stuff to a sale our good friends Cindy and Rob were having in Keyport NJ.  The sale was the morning of the party.

After the party on Sunday we packed some more stuff for the RV.  We try to always fill the car anytime we are at the house now.  We plan to only make one more round trip this week so we are a little concerned that  we might not get all of the last stuff in the car.  We really do not want to make another round trip of 150 miles for a few little items.

Also, no confirmed date from the buyer on the closing that is still set for next Tuesday.  We believe that may change.  Very stressful not knowing about something that is only a week away!

Stay tuned!

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