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Truck Road Trip to Indiana: Day 1 - Leaving the S&B!

Sunday May 20:  This is the day to leave the house for probably the last time!  As usual, we forgot to put something on the truck, the freezer!  It is just a 12 cubic foot so it wasn’t too much of a problem to get it pulled up the truck ramp and on to the truck.  Then after pulling up the mattress and getting Coffee, we were off at 11 am on the road trip to Indiana.

I don’t like to drive more than 5-6 hours and in the daylight.  Also, we like to pull over every 2 hours to stretch.  Usually, I can make one of the stops for some food and one for gas so we do multiple things on each stop.   We made it to just about Ohio when we needed to get gas and we were now at 6 hours driving.  So we filled up and decided we would go to the half-way point of 350 miles.  That put us about 10 miles west of Youngtown OH.  We pulled off and got a room at a nice Comfort Inn.  It had an outside pool, which was extremely cold, complete with a young bunny rabbit.

In front of our room was some sort of towed container with a window that has a shade.  I decided to post this on FB and say we found our RV as a joke.  Seems some thought I wasn’t joking.

The girl at the front desk recommended the Mexican restaurant that we could walk to so off we went.  Food was good and cheap.  However, the service people had no personality at all, which was OK - a truck stop sort of place.

Back to the room which was still warm but tolerable and had a glass of wine and watched the news. 
Tomorrow we will start again and end up at my brother’s house in Acton, Indiana.