Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Moving out, the last of the "last times"

Well here we are moving out of our home and leaving a town that we have been in for the last 16 years.

 A lot of emotion for sure!  I have read on other peoples blogs about the emotional aspects of leaving your home and becoming homeless and we are feeling it now.  For us it is becoming homeless and jobless to pursue traveling the country to meet new people, have new adventures and see the this big country called the USA.  I'm sitting here now writing this in an empty house that we feel we made a better place than it was when we moved in.  It really is a nice house now and it's where Patty's son grew up!  OK enough of the dramatics.

This was a long and exhausting week.  We are staying at our beach house we affectionately call "the shack", which is 75 miles from our S&B in Hopatcong.  We thought we moved everything out of the S&B for the RV with the rental truck a couple of weeks ago.  No, No, NO,,,, we did not.  We have gone back and forth 5 times in the past week to move stuff in our small car, 150 miles a day!

We get very irritable within just a couple of hours of packing as we are overwhelmed by the amount of stuff and the memories.

Today is our last night in the S&B.  We are sleeping on just the mattress from our bed,which is on the family room floor.

This is what we had for TV the last few days.  Tonight just this BLOG!

Today day just didn't want go our way.  It seemed the day knew we were leaving one life and it was going to make sure we felt it!

I am giving my bicycle to my son in Indiana so I needed to put it on the car to take it to the rental truck this morning.  We are getting the rental truck near the shack so we can leave the car near there so it is available when we return next Thursday from the airport.  Anyway the "new" bike rack took me 2 times as long to figure out as I thought it would.

Car in front of the beach house with new bike rack.

Also, we both forgot stuff and had to return several times before getting underway to the truck rental place, making us 1.5 hours late.  That is not the worst of the story!  After arriving at the truck rental place the only guy there was busy with renting a car to a German female couple.  This took 45 minutes before I was "helped"!  Ah, they don't have a truck for me even though I have a reservation!  They will let me have two 12 foot trucks for the same price as the 16 foot.  I don't think so!!.. They call around and no other Budget dealer has a 16 foot truck.  So I called Pensky down the road 2 miles and they had a truck that is brand new but $200 more.  What are you going to do, I needed the truck so we took it.

We arrive at the S&B 2.5 hours later than we planned at 1:30 in the afternoon.  Of course we don't have a key to get in now because the garage remote is with the car, not with the rental truck.  Fortunately, a window was unlocked so I could climb in.  Chas's friend Chris came to help us as part of the stuff was for him and Chas for their new apartment in New Brunswick.  So we loaded all of the stuff for Indiana and then the stuff for New Brunswick.

We finished loading at 3:30 and I was on my way to New Brunswick to unload the Chas stuff.

New Brunswick is an hour away.  At a little after 6:00 I was heading back to Hopatcong.  I got back, took a shower and we were on our way to our favorite bar/restaurant, Castaways.  We like it because we can walk there.  This is a type of bar like Cheers where everybody knows your name, well at least the bartender did.  I don't know if we have fully internalized this yet ;(

So tomorrow we head out to Indiana.  This will be our last time at this house and may be our last time in Hopatcong.  It's a little sad :(

Stay tuned for more.

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