Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Sandpipers RV Resort, Edinburg Texas

November 08 - 11, 2013   

This park is probably the nicest RV park we have stayed at including both textile and nude.  We really are hoping that Nature's Resort in Edcouch Texas is this good.  Nature's Resort now has a pretty high bar to meet our expectations.

We arrived at Sandpipers around 3:30.  It would have been earlier but both the Garmin and our Google maps failed to take us to the correct address.  Both GPS systems took us to a field a mile in the wrong direction however on the correct road.  So we had to go an extra mile in the wrong direction to find a place to turn around and to recheck the location.  This is one of the things I like about Google maps as opposed to Garmin.  With Google maps we searched the area with the satellite images and physically found the park that way.  Garmin doesn’t have that feature.

Sandpipers Park is a privately owned park.  The owners, Karen & Jay have owned the park for 8 years.  Karen knows everybody by name, even us short term people.  In fact that seems to be the norm around here, everyone goes out of their way to greet you and learn your name.  Our first day here people we meet walking anywhere greet us with hello Mark and Patty.  If we haven’t met yet they will stop and ask you your name.  We have never been anywhere like this ever.  

Upon checking in we were taken to our site by Bill who also stayed to make sure that our electric was working.  Then he took us on a tour of the property introducing us along the way.  After we got fully set up all of our neighbors come over to introduce themselves. OK then, that was the first night!

The pool and hot tub in the back.

Saturday the 9th we went to the pool where we could read and maybe I could get a little water volleyball.  A few minutes after we arrived I was playing volleyball.  They have a pool just for volleyball and they have it divided into 2 playing areas.  One area is for groups of 12 and up with the other being for anything smaller. The 2 playing areas work very well. In no time there were 16 on the large side and 14 on the smaller side.  I ended up playing continuously for 3 hours!  I have never played that long or even been in a pool that long since I was a kid!  By the way, I love water volleyball!

Volleyball pool at night.

Volleyball pool in the daytime.

Just want to mention that the resort does have a small restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch till 2 pm.  We didn’t use the restaurant but probably would have if we were staying here longer.  The food is supposed to be very good and cheap; breakfast is $4 I think.  They also have dinner on Fridays. 

JAKSZ is the restaurant. It stands for Jay And Karen Z the owners.
Sunday the 10th, I repeated the Saturday water volleyball but only 2.5 hours this time.  I actually left when there were still people playing!  Don’t think I have done that before either.  The volleyball didn’t start until 12:30 so by 3 pm I was ready to relax with Patty in the hot tub and pool.

These were in the liquor store near the resort.

We also went to the hot tub every night after dinner.

Sunday evening we took a walking tour of the park on our own.  It is very difficult to just walk around after 4 pm because everyone is having happy hour and want you to join in.  However we did make it around the park including the area that is for permanent park models and double wides.  This, again, is one of the best kept up park model areas we have seen.  We were stopped at one point by one of the women I played volleyball with to talk.  She, Sharon, has lived here for 3 years and been coming here for 6 years in the winter.  She and her husband own a large park model and an adjoining lot where they park their motor home. Niiiice!  Anyway, we noticed 2 places for sale so we asked Sharron about the places and the cost.  The 2 properties were in the range of $60 – 70 and were built in the last 10 years.  Patty and I are not ready to settle down just yet but this place is definitely on the radar now! 

Hot tub at night.  We really liked the electric palm trees.  They are new for this year.

As we were finishing our walk Karen, the owner, came by in her car. She stopped and addressed us by name and said she wanted to let us know that since tomorrow was Veterans Day we could stay as long as we want to see the 11 am ceremony and even leave on Tuesday morning if we wanted to so we could attend the red, white and blue dance at 7 pm.  She went on to say that they are really big supporters of the veterans at this park and really take Veterans Day seriously. 

 Tomorrow there will be free breakfasts for the vets and a ceremony at the special veterans park here in the resort.  Then in the evening they are having a free pub night with beer and wine in the club house.  We were really taken aback by the complete kindness of the owner.  She went way out of her way to let us know we could stay and it was apparent that she had thought about us even though we are just passing through.

Veterans Day the 11th we attended the ceremony at 11am.  

This was a very moving veterans ceremony!  Patty and I both cried during the event.  This area of the park is right at the entrance and is fully supported by the residents and the owners.  The togetherness of the residents and the current owners is exactly why this park is one of the best we have been in and could live here.  We will miss this!

We decided to leave as we had planned today as we already have reservations at our next place for 2 weeks.  If we change that we will change the rate structure to a higher one.  We are just going to leave a little later than the checkout time of noon.  We started closing up and getting ready to leave after the ceremony.  We only have about 40 miles to go to get to our new park in Harlingen Texas.  We really feel bad about leaving such a nice place but we have people to see and things to do, as they say.

We packed up and were on our way to Palm Gardens in Harlingen by 1pm.  More one the move and our new site next post.
Stay tuned!

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