Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

25 mile move to (Riverside Ranch RV Resort) Elmendorf, TX

October 31 – November 03, 2013   

Halloween was a rainy day to start in the morning.  By the afternoon it dried up and out we went to Wally World.  I got a haircut and we picked up more food and wine for the following week at the resort.  We want to get everything we need as we don’t want to leave the resort.  We just want to chill out with no traveling for the week, sort of a nakation for us.  So we need wine and our favorite hard drink of Pinnacle Key Lime vodka with diet Sierra Mist as a mixer.  Wally World had the wine but not hard liquor.  We basically ran out of time and decided to get the liquor and fuel in the morning before we leave Hidden Valley.

This will most probably be the last time we buy major food.  We are now 3 weeks from storing the rig and going north for a month.  That means we need to eat most of the food in the fridge before that time.  Last year in Fort Lauderdale we ended up with 2 large bags of food we had to donate.  We hope to do better this time.  We will only buy food that goes with something perishable that we already have.

November 1st, Friday I went out and picked up the liquor and got the truck topped off with fuel.   I decided to do a quick rinse and wipe down on the truck.  It looks so bad due to the dust accumulation from the morning dew. This place is so dusty that the dust sticks to the wet truck in the mornings with the heavy dew. Now we are ready to move to the resort for the next week.  

We left Hidden Valley for the 25 mile trip to the Riverside Ranch RV Resort a little after 1pm.  We had just a bit of an issue when the Garmin dropped us about a mile from the actual address for the resort.  We have no idea why this happens sometimes.  I had checked the route before we left on Google and knew we were close but when you are pulling a large RV close is not good enough.  We were on a very small country road that looked like it could get even smaller.  Patty plugged in the address in to her phone and started navigation with that.  It was a sigh of relief to hear the phone voice say “travel 1 mile and your destination will be on the left”.  We arrived there a little after 2pm.

We got ourselves set up and went to the pool to catch some rays.  We learned that the resort was having a dance tonight as well as Saturday night with the big event being Saturday night.  We were going to go to both but we overslept our hour nap before the dance on Friday.

Our site.  It is really a great site!

The office for the resort.

Overnight guest rooms, 2 on the left and 2 on the right.

Pool at the resort.  The dance area and restaurant are in the building on the hill to the left.

The 2 hot tubs are under the canopy.

Saturday we stayed around the pool most of the afternoon.   Then we had a steak dinner from our grille.  We didn't nap this time and made it to the dance.  We were there and danced some until about 10pm when we went to one of the hot tubs.  We were the 2nd and 3rd people in the hot tub in the beginning.  After a few minutes the other filled up with regulars/residents with at least 10 in the tub and 10 on the outside.  Our tub remained with just 3 of us.  Patty went back to the RV after ½ hour and I stayed a little longer to about 11:30pm. 

Sunday the 3rd we walked the RV park and found that there are 2 properties here with a shared entrance.  The first one you enter is the RV resort and the next to the left is a private nudist community called LAGNAP or Let’s All Get Naked And Party.  There is a fence dividing the 2 properties but you can walk between the 2 with no problem.

Here’s the story as we know it so far about the Riverside Ranch RV Nudist Resort.  For a non-nudist resort it is very run down but we would say it’s just a little run down as nudist resorts go.   The property holds roughly 120 sites and 80 of those are permanents; that is a high percentage.  They have a large pool with a conversation pool that are only heated on the weekends and two 8 person residential type hot tubs.  The hot tubs are open and heated 24/7.  There is a restaurant that cooks breakfast and lunch but we have yet to see anybody eat there.  Residents however have said that the hamburgers there are great, so who knows.  There are 2 Petanque courts and a horseshoe court all covered in weeds.  
The resort bills itself as a swingers haven but we have not seen any of that.  We went to the big swingers dance on Saturday night the 2nd and it had around 20 people show up. The DJing is done by the owners David and Elaine (she goes by Laney) who seem to be friendly.  The dances are provided with some light snacks, ice, and some mixers are also available.  This is a BYOB place which we like. The residents seem to have formed close cliques.  Maybe there is something going on there that is not seen by us.  Since we are here only a week and most of the residents work during the week, we will probably not get to know them very well.  Also, we were told that the resort does have some regular “Snow Birds” show up for the winter, but right now it is very slow and laid back which is really not a problem for us.

So, after a couple of days here and with those being the big event weekend days, we would say this is not a place we would stay again.  We will have a very relaxing time here with no drama.  It just will not be a great place for this amount of money.

The next 2 days it is expected to be cloudy with rain, but still warm in the 70s and 60s at night.  We are going to read, hot tub, and veg out.  Hoping our friends, Garry and Laurie from Dallas, can spend a couple days with us in their motorhome this week. 

I don’t expect to post again until next Friday after we leave here for Harlingen TX.

Stay Tuned!  


Anonymous said...

I was just curious if you knew what kind of activities LAGNAP participated in.

Anonymous said...

LAGNAP is NOT part of riverside ranch and NONE of the residents are members of riverside ranch.

Anonymous said...

Oh is LAGNAP not open to any guests?