Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Golf and Nuevo Progresso, Mexico

November 19 - 20, 2013 
So the rain predicted for Tuesday the 19th didn't happen. This seems to be very typical here in the RGV (Rio Grande Valley).  Since no rain, the Park golf outing went off as planned without fear of the weather. 

We had 23 golfers in the “best ball” golf outing, 5 foursomes and 1 threesome.  The organizer gave out playing cards to each of us and the golfers whose card numbers matched were then teamed up.  This put Patty and I on different teams which was fine with us. I drew the 6 which meant that I was in the threesome.  

The course was fairly short with the longest hole, a par 5, at 450 yards.  We all teed off at 12:30 from the same hole so it took a while for my team to bring up the rear.  It was OK as we only played 9 holes.  The outing was really more of a social event.  The real golf is played on Thursdays.  Anyway, Patty’s and my team tied for first place at +1.  We each received $3.50 for being in the winning teams.  We had a fun time.

The first tee box.  All of the tee boxes are lined with concrete cowboy hats.

After dinner Patty and I went to the hot tub as usual.  Only tonight we had a visitor in the form of a Palmetto bug (Large American roach which can be up to 5 inches long in Texas). I was in the tub and Patty was sitting on the edge when all of a sudden Patty started swatting here back.  She jumped up and there was a roach about 2 inches long.  It kept coming at Patty so we both splashed water at it until it finally got in a crack but still visible.  It just didn’t seem to be afraid of us at all. Well, now we were now done at the hot tub!  We now do not walk anywhere without shoes on in the dark!
For obvious reasons, we are going to put a lot of bug spray around and in the RV while it is stored here!

Wednesday the 20th we went across the border into Mexico to the town of Nuevo Progreso.  There are 2 border crossings near here, the other being Matamoras across from Brownsville.  We were told by numerous people that Matamoras was not safe.  We parked our car just feet from the border and walked across the International Bridge. The border fence actually borders the parking lot.  It cost $2.00 to park all day and it was $.50 to cross the bridge to get into Mexico and $.35 to go back to the US.
Border crossing

Rio Grande River with US on the right and Mexico on the left.  Note the border patrol on the right on the US side.

We were only visiting Mexico to check it out for the day; we were not going to buy anything.  Well, that didn’t work as planned!  We ended up spending all of the cash I had and some on a credit card.  We bought some Christmas gifts, ate lunch, and I got a haircut.  Then we had a couple more drinks when I got a little nervous as we only had $1 in cash left and we needed $.35 each to cross back into the US.  I really don’t like being that low on cash while outside the US.  Of course we made it back to the US and we were back to the RV by 4PM.
Downtown Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

Lunch for 2 with 2 Margaritas each cost $28 total.

Haircut for Mark cost $5 plus a $2 tip.

Gifts (now we have to get it back to Indiana)

We liked the "today and tomorrow only" on the permanent sign.

Gifts being made while we had cocktails.

Interesting drinks!

As we leave across the International bridge this hand with a cap comes out asking for money.

Now for the weird weather here again.  Thursday, tomorrow and Friday the temps are in the high 80s.  Then on Saturday and Sunday the temps are to be a high of 45, about a 45 degree difference!  So coming up north will not be as much of a shock.  We plan to get as much of the sun the next couple of days as we can.  Then for the weekend we will get ourselves packed up and the RV ready for storage on Monday.

Stay Tuned!

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