Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Riverside Ranch RV Resort, Elmendorf, TX

November 04 - 7, 2013 
This will be a short blog today.  We have been here at this site since last Friday and have not done much of anything.  I left the Park just once, yesterday the 7th to get our mail. That is the longest time we have not driven someplace since we were in Fort Lauderdale last winter. 

I washed the RV from top to bottom and applied a UV roof coating.  I also washed the truck.  We managed to get laundry done too.  We laid out in the sun and read at the pool a couple of days when it was sunny and got a little sunburned.  I finished a book called The Boy from Reactor 4.  It was just an OK book.  Patty has spent some time on her Tarot studying and reading. Most nights we went to the hot tub for a soak before bed time.  

We both took some time to plan out the remaining time we have before flying north for the holidays.  Patty found us a storage facility near the Brownsville airport for $40 a month!  She also found a hotel for us to stay at the night before we leave and the night after we get back.  Get this, the room in a 2-room suite for $100 including taxes and the hotel offered to watch the truck while we are away for the month for nothing, FREE!  That will also save us from using a taxi to and from the RV storage facility!   

I spent a few hours setting up a budget for next year.  Last year, 2012, we didn’t do anything except spend money.  We just hit the road and had fun. In this lifestyle we found that we need to watch our money because it is so easy to way overdo it.  So this year, 2013, I started to document what we spend.  Just watching causes us to be a little more careful. We were much more cautious and tried to stay within our income and not touch any savings.  However, the new tires and wheels we put on the RV was not in the budget so we capitalized them and used savings for those.  I now have a very good idea of what it costs to full-time RV for us.  This gives me the data to budget for next year so we can start to even out the expense bumps that come up. It also helps to plan future big ticket items like tire replacement on the truck in 2014.

The entrance to Riverside Ranch as we leave.

Today, Friday November 08, we head out for a 215 mile re-positioning trip to Sandpipers Nudist Park.   Sandpipers is located in the south east section of Texas just north of Brownsville.  

Our site in Sandpipers Nudist Resort in Edinburg Texas.

This is just about as far south as you can get in the US without going to the Florida Keys.  Both Sandpipers and Natures Resort where we will be from January through March are the same distance south as Fort Lauderdale Florida.  We are staying just the weekend at Sandpipers mainly just to see how we like it so we can compare to Natures Resort in January.  After Sandpipers, we are going to a regular textile (Clothing) RV Park in Harlingen for the following 2 weeks. After that we store the RV and the truck for a month while we visit our north homeland for the holidays. 

Stay tuned!


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