Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Woodward Dream Cruise and Dinner with the Grille Master Kenny

Saturday August 17th 

Today we went to the Woodward Dream Cruise.   The Cruise is a linear car show in a 30 mile loop (15 miles each way) on Woodward Avenue.  The Cruise draws over 40,000 classic cars from all over the world.  Woodward Avenue was the main drag for GM, Ford and Chrysler back in the day, when drive-in restaurants were scattered up and down its length. Classic cars run along Woodward Avenue through nine communities from Ferndale to Pontiac MI.  We got a place to set up our chairs about mid-point along Woodward Avenue in the community of Birmingham.  

We sat and had lunch watching the cars for about 3 hours.  The weather was absolutely perfect with a few stray clouds and temps in the 70-80 range throughout the day.   In the 3 hours we were there we rarely saw a vehicle twice.  We are not really into cars, but it was impossible not to be thrilled with this many classic vehicles of every variety in one place.   The vehicles were from old to new and ranged from trucks to cars to actual race cars and then the just plain odd cars.  We had such a great time!

After the Dream Cruise we headed back to Kenny and Phyllis’s house for cocktails and dinner with their daughter Kim. We found out that Kenny is a great Grille Master!  Kenny grilled some really great marinated steaks.  I’m not found of marinated anything but these have changed my mind about marinating.  I didn't get the recipe for the marinate, but hopefully I will get it in the future.  

Kenny the grille master wearing his onion glasses.

We wound up the night with the plan to go golfing in the morning at the country club Kenny and Phillis belong to.  

It was a great day!

Stay Tuned!

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