Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Family Visit in Buffalo NY - First Half

August 04 – 07 August, 2013
We are now a little over half way into our time here in the Buffalo area.  The 4th we rode our bikes on a short trip of 4 miles on Grand Island.  We rode these paths last year so we knew where we were going.  Then in the evening we went out for dinner with Patty’s parents at Sean Patrick’s. 

Patty riding on the trail

Better part of the trail.  Patty in the distance and the Niagara River on the left.

Tuesday the 5th we rode the large loop around the COE Park here.  The loop is 6 miles and some of it needs to have weeds trimmed back.  We should have put on bug spray to keep tics and mosquitos off of us.  We now have the OFF can in my pouch on the bike just in case for next time.  We had a dinner of BLOTs (Bacon, Lettuce, Onion and Tomatoes) which I think is one of our favorite meals.  It was so much better since we used a toaster for the bread.  We need to thank Debbie and Ian for donating the toaster after ours broke; thanks Debbie and Ian!  

I know, lame picture of our new to us toaster.  I have not been taking pictures so the next post should have some of Family and not toasters!
We watched a very bad movie last night called Greenberg. The whole movie seemed to be about a neurotic guy's life while house sitting for his brother.  Very lame!

Wednesday the 6th we went to Patty’s parents’ house in Amherst to stay with her dad while her mom went to a meeting.  That evening we went out to a local restaurant, Hirsch’s, to have the special which was snow crab legs. Now, we prefer king crab and this was Snow crab but the Snow was very good.  Snow crab you just have to work harder to get the meat out of the smaller legs.

Thursday the 7th Patty’s sister invited the family to her house for dinner.  We were in charge of getting the rolls for her pulled pork.  We also made 2 deserts, brownies and a favorite of ours, Angel food cake mixed with fresh strawberries and cool whip.  We added vanilla pudding to the mixture this time as we were seeing other recipes doing this.  We didn't care for the addition of the pudding.  It wasn't bad; it just didn't really add anything to it. 

The next couple of days we are just going to chill out and do some biking on the other end of the island.  This Saturday we are going to the Erie County Fair and seeing an old rock band Three Dog Night. 

Stay tuned!

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