Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Last Days of the Buffalo Family Visit

August 12 - 15, 2013    

The weather here in the Buffalo area has been really cold for August.  The temperatures at night have getting down to the low 50s with daytime highs in the upper 60s to low 70s.  It has also been really windy.  Whatever happened to the dog days of August when it is 70s at night and highs of upper 80s?  One of the good sides of this cold weather it that it is really good sleeping weather.  We are even using our electric fireplace in the mornings to take the chill out of the air.  

Monday August 12th I was on my own while Patty had a girls night out.  She contacted one of her childhood friends and they made plans to get together Monday evening.  Patty’s two sisters were also invited as they all lived in the same area when they were kids.  So for dinner this was my chance to have salmon that Patty doesn't like.  I grilled some salmon and some broccoli with a baked potato.  Then for entertainment I watched a movie about Sara Palin being picked for the VP spot, also something that Patty would not like or so I thought.  Later when Patty returned home she watched the last of the movie and she liked it.

Tuesday August 13th we went over to Patty’s parents’ house in Amherst to visit and to do some gardening.  Patty’s mother asked if we could rework an area about 50 sq. ft. in her front yard.  The area had grown up in weeds and thick grass. The area was also somewhat hard to work in as it was under a tree with low hanging limbs.  We managed to get all of the grass and weeds out and then put down a ground cloth and cover it with 3 inches of mulch.  With that done we headed over to Patty’s sister and husband’s (Cheryl and Joe) for 
dinner.  After dinner we went over to see Adam’s (Patty’s nephew, Cheryl’s oldest son) first apartment.  It is a great first place, very big.   We also learned that Adam got hired by CSX (Railroad).  Here we go, another railroader in the family! 
The garden we reworked.
Wednesday August 14th we rented a steam cleaner to clean the carpets in the RV.  There is not a lot of carpet but it is a lot of work to move everything around.  Also, much of the carpet needs to be cleaned with a handheld attachment due to the small access areas.  

In the afternoon we took the truck in for its 50k oil change. The truck now has 56k miles on it. I last had the oil changed in May in Tampa Florida.  They told me in Tampa that I would need front brakes at the next oil change so I was prepared to have a brake job done.  Surprise, the Ford service here in Buffalo said that my brakes were only half worn.   I tend to believe that they are just half worn but I will have them checked again at the next oil change.

Thursday August 15th I washed the truck.  For me, washing a vehicle is a long process. It took me 2.5 hours to wash the truck.  Unless we have been driving in rain, I wash the truck about once a month.  The truck wash job has the extra benefit as it is a pretty good workout too.  Then in the evening we had our last dinner with Patty’s parents for this trip.  We both don't like goodbyes so it was a little tough leaving.  At their age we never know what will happen before we are back in November for Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow we head to Clarkston Michigan which is a few miles Northwest of Detroit.  We are planning to take the shortest route that takes us through 200 miles of Canada. This should be an adventure with 2 border crossings in one day.

Stay Tuned!

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