Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Family Visit in Buffalo NY: Fish Fry, Fair, and Table Refinishing

August 08 – 11, 2013  

The last few days we refinished the dining table in the RV. This is the second time we have done this.  The first time I used a water based polyurethane thinking that it would easier to clean up afterwards. I wouldn't need to buy thinner and have the issues of the clean up mess associated with the thinner.  
Well, the water based poly reacted with the oils in my skin.  I use the table as my computer desk each morning and I have my arm on the table.  Where my arm has been made the poly turn cloudy.  So we decided to completely remove the finish on the table down to the bare wood or as close as possible and refinish using an oil based poly.  The results are mixed.  For some reason the poly didn't stick to some spots on the wood.  This resulted in the table top having some wood spots come through the poly after it dried.  We are not sure how to fix the spots.  I may try one more coat, not sure yet. Patty wants me to just leave it alone, “you have done enough” she said.

Patty applying stripper to the old surface.

Me sanding the first coat of poly with steel wool.

Finished first coat of Poly.

Finished table with my computer and coffee set up.
Friday the 9th we went out for our second fish fry.  We were joined by Patty’s parents, Tom and Shirley, and her sister and brother-in-law, Cheryl and Joe.  We are trying the local favorites to see which one we liked best.  We are only here 2 Fridays so we will only try 2 places so we wanted the top places.  We have now tried the Polish Villa last week and this Friday we tried McPartlan’s.  McPartlan’s we liked better than the Polish Villa mainly due to the fact that it was less greasy.  I thought the fish itself was somewhat dry though.  Patty also would like a more crunchy batter.  So, we are still looking for the perfect fish fry.

Recognition of the best fish fry of Western NY.

Patty's parents, Tom and Shirley Griffin at McPartlan's

Patty's sister and Brother-In-Law Cheryl and Joe Schumacher at McPartlan's

Saturday the 11th we did another 6 mile bike loop through Buckhorn Park.  We had bug spray on this time! In the evening we went to the Erie County Fair in Hamburg NY and met with Cheryl and Joe again and a high school friend of Cheryl's and her husband.  The main attraction for us was the free concert, after the $7 admission, with Three Dog Night.  The members of this band are well into their late 60s now.  They sing absolutely great though.  They sang one of their new songs, yeah I know,,,NEW, called Heart of Blues and it was really great.  We had a very good time.

Erie County Fair.  Don't think we could pull our RV with this.

Erie County Fair.  Indians dancing.

Erie County Fair. View toward the mid-way.

Got to have Walleye when in this area.

Three Dog Night on stage.

Tomorrow we will hang around Patty's parents' pool most of the day.

Stay tuned!

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