Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

RV work, Crab Chowder, Hot Tub, and Bike ride

Friday - Saturday December 21-22, 2012

The weather people got this one right.  The past 2 days have been unseasonably cold for south Florida with highs in the day time of 60 and overnight of mid 40's.  Friday morning it rained until around 7 am which wasn't too bad.  The other issue was the winds.  The wind was out of the North West which was causing the cold.  The sun was out just like normal south Florida but with a real cold wind.  These 2 days were not good for sitting at the pool!  However we did go to the hot tub on Friday night for a while which was very nice with the cold wind blowing.

Just want to add that the electric fireplace is one of the best ideas the RV manufactures have come up with.  We put the fireplace on just before we go to bed and in the morning it has been 65 inside with 45 outside.  That is perfect and we didn't use any propane!


With the cold weather we decided to go shopping for the RV stuff we needed and get ingredients for a cold weather soup.  The closest RV parts store (K&K on Sterling) is about 10 miles away but still in Davie FL.  We were able to get the dirt tie down stake I needed to install the awning tie downs.  We also got the donut sewer connection we needed and a good thing as the tanks are now full and need to be dumped!  

On the way back from the RV parts store we stopped at a Publix to get the ingredients for a crab chowder.  Before we left Patty called her mom in NY for the recipe.  Her mom had told us about the soup when we were in Buffalo last week.

I finished the tie downs with one side connected to the concrete and the other in the grass.  The concrete hole was already made by someone else so I didn't need to drill any concrete holes!  The job came out much better than I thought it would.  It was still windy and the awning didn't move at all.  I went and got Patty so she could pat me on the back for my good work!

Tie down in concrete 

Inside the RV.  My daughter Jennifer made this for us several Christmases ago.

Rosie has 3 flowers on her now!
Our lights at night.

After the tie down job and finally dumping the tanks, we started the crab chowder.   The chowder was to just take about half hour of prep, but we always change stuff and it took us about 1.5 hours to prep and half hour to cook it.  I thought it was one of the best soups/chowder I have ever eaten.  Even better, we made enough for 2 nights of chowder, yum, yum.  This was perfect for the 2 cold nights we were going to have.

Now we were full and warmed up with the crab chowder so we decided to hit the hot tub around 8 pm.  We walked over with pareos on and were freezing.  We were the only ones in the hot tub.  There were a few people playing pool inside and, to our surprise, there was a DJ playing music outside while we were in the hot tub.  So it was just us and the DJ!  It felt real good in the hot tub with the cold wind on top of the water.


Still cold outside, so after we did our morning routine we took a 5 mile bike ride on the paved pathways outside of the resort.  The pathways go everywhere here it seems.  When we have been out driving there seems to be a path or paths near or along the road in most areas.  After the bike ride we took our first afternoon nap for a long while.  We just decided to chill for the day as there is always tomorrow.

We had the last of our chowder, watched some TV and went to bed around 11 pm.Tomorrow we are planning to go shopping first thing in the morning to get some festive attire for the Christmas Eve party.  We really don’t have anything in “clothes” to wear.  Seems the French Canadians “dress” for food and dancing.  It’s also supposed to be in the mid 70’s tomorrow so we can get some pool time in.

Stay tuned! 


Deb S. said...

The chowder sounds great...will you share the recipe? Merry Christmas. Deb Sacco

Liza Pilon said...

It’s a good thing that you have an electric fireplace and crab chowder to keep you guys warm during those cold nights. You did a really good job with the lights too! It looks lovely. It’s perfect for the Christmas season.

Liza Pilon