Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

First full day at our winter site at Seminole in Davie Florida

Wednesday December 19, 2012 

This post may be a little boring as we didn't do too much today exciting.  We are still setting up for the long term.  This is our first long term site so we are just playing it by ear. 

I spent most of the morning adding a location widget to the blog.  The widget follows my cell phone and puts me on a map where I am.  I have it set to only tell the general city and not my exact location.  It took so long because the Blogger site shut down for a while yesterday.  It took me a while to figure out that the site was down and it wasn't just me.

After lunch and getting the Blog done I decided I was going to do some weight exercises with my resistance tubes.  I forgot to take them up north with me so I really wanted to get back into it now that we are back.  I try to do these every other day and walk, bike, or swim the other days.  I also put up the outside lights that we got from Ian and Debbie before we left NJ in August.  This is only the second time they have been up.

While I did the exercises and lights Patty went out to get more stuff that we needed.  She also got a present for herself, a new Samsung Galaxy S III phone!  She was gone for over 3 hours because the Radio Shack she went to had to go to another store to get the phone as they were out of them.  This is Patty’s new every 2 year plan with Verizon.  Verizon wanted $200 for the phone and Radio shack wanted only $99 and she also got some store and Google Play credits.  I really like the phone too but I have another year yet to get a new one.

After dinner we went to the pool and just walked around looking at all of the Christmas lights people have up.  So far we haven’t socialized too much as we are still getting into sitting still. 

Tomorrow, we plan to take a walk along the viaduct that runs along the edge of the resort in the morning.  Then I need to go out to get the stuff Patty couldn't get because the Walmart was out of stock.  We still need awning tie-downs and the sewer donut.  Then maybe we can finally hang at the pool in the afternoon!

Stay tuned!

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