Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

More lights, Pool Time, and New 50 AMP electrical

Sunday December 23, 2012.  

The weather was MUCH better today!  We woke up to 50 but the temperature recovered nicely to the mid 70’s by noon. 

We started the day by going to Target early in the morning to get something festive for the Christmas Eve party tomorrow.  Before getting to Target we went to a local Diner, the Blue Moon located on Griffin Road in Cooper City.  The breakfast was very good with large portions.   The eggs and hash browns were cooked in something I think was butter.  Patty thinks it may have been something else; she is not sure what though.  Anyway it sure made the food taste great.

Target was a bust.  No festive clothes for summer weather.  Target mostly only had only clothes for fall/winter.  I did pick up a couple of light weight T’s for $4 each in clearance.  We have decided that we will just wear what we have.

Pool at the resort

We got back around noon and went to the pool for some sun.  There was plenty of room there at the pool so we got prime seating facing the sun.  I got some reading done until the battery went dead in the Kindle.  We stayed for about 2 hours then went back to the RV and I decided to wash the truck.  I washed it just before we left in November, but now it was covered in dust and some bird poop.

While I was washing the truck, Johnny the maintenance guy came over to put in the 50 amp service.  He got that done just before dark.  Now I don’t need to have our cables strung out under the neighbors RV and being a tripping hazard.

New 50 AMP electrical being put in

We also decided to put up more Christmas lights around the RV.  Actually we decided to put them on the awning arms and down the tie-downs.  We have 2 new sets of lights we bought last year which were perfect for this.
New lights added

Next was a dinner of hamburgers and salad.   Afterword we went to the hot tub to relax.  Nice end to the day!

Tomorrow is the party and more pool time as the temperature is to be 80!

Stay tuned!

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