Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Indiana with Grandkids and more Familly

Tuesday - Thursday: November 27- December 6, 2012 

We just ended the second leg of our family and friends holiday visiting trip in Indiana. We are now in a Days Inn just off of Interstate 70 in New Stanton Pennsylvania.  This is just a stopover for the night before completing our journey from Crawfordsville IN to New Jersey.

Just as we arrived last Tuesday at my son’s house my stepfather, Leon Weber, pulled in behind us.  He just happened to be traveling past the house and saw that we were just getting out so he and his wife Barbara stopped to visit for a while.  We talked for some time about our travels and just catching up.  It was a nice start to the Indiana leg of the trip.

We brought several boxes of cookie mixes to make with the grandkids throughout the visit.  This turned out to be a very fun thing for all of us (Thanks to Cheryl Schumacher for the idea).  Well maybe not so fun for the parents as there was a lot of mess with this activity.  We made cookies 4 different nights.

We made shepherds pie one night and Bailey put the butter on it before baking.

Bailey with her cookies.

Bailey and Savannah making cookies.

On Saturday we went to a dance competition that our granddaughter Savannah was in.  Their group was the first ones to dance at noon.   They won first place as they were the only ones entered in their division.  It was a fun couple of hours to watch some of the other divisions dance also.
Savannah is in the center back.

My step father telling stories.

Crawfordsville IN is the home of Wabash College.  Patty and I took one of our daily walks around the campus.

The college has these beautiful red squirrels.

My son Tony play fighting with the cat.

After the dance competition we went to my brother and sisters house in Acton Indiana to stay for a couple of days.  We played many games, drank lots of wine and talked late into the night on both nights we were there.  They really have done a lot to the old house, it looks great.

Monday morning we left Acton for Lafayette IN for our doctors visits.  Monday and Tuesday were the days we set aside to get our medical appointments done.  Patty had 3 appointments on Monday and we each had one on Tuesday.  Lafayette is about 30 miles north of Crawfordsville where we are staying with my son.  So each day we stay in Lafayette for the whole day.

We had a little set back on Monday as Patty accidently left her insulin in Buffalo and had run out Monday morning.  She was getting some of her insulin sent to her from Buffalo that would arrive on Tuesday.  She thought that she could make it till then.  That didn't happen and she went into a very mild DKA and was admitted to the hospital overnight to stabilize her blood sugar.  It all turned out good in the end.  We found out that anyone can get insulin from Wal-Mart without a prescription for $25.  We paid $152 at Walgreens for out of insurance insulin!  Now, we know better!

We started Wednesday with lunch with my step father Leon and his wife Barbara at the new Cracker Barrel in town.  After lunch we went back to my sons and wrapped all of the Christmas gifts we were giving the girls.  After dinner we had our Christmas with the grandkids and we finally told them we were taking the whole family to Disney World in May.  We got a travel planning CD from Disney and we had that playing just as they finished opening their gifts.  We didn't say anything and finally one of the kids asked why we were playing a Disney World CD on the TV.  Patty just smiled real big and all of a sudden they all got it.  All 3 of them it seemed at the same time started to scream.  It was priceless!  We gave them a Disney calendar to count down the days till we leave.

Livy opening presents.

Bailey opening presents.

Savannah opening presents.

So yesterday after we saw the kids off to school we said our goodbyes and headed out for New Jersey around 8:30.  We traveled 350 miles to New Stanton PA where we stayed for the night.  We had the best dinner at the Days Inn.  They had a special of pierogies with haluski (cabbage & noodles).  We had 3 huge glasses of wine with dinner and the whole meal cost $38!  You just can’t beat that.  After that dinner we went for a short walk outside to compensate.  Now time for a little TV and bed.

Dinner of the best pierogies and haluski we have ever had.

Tomorrow we head to our friends, Tom and Michele d’Arcy, house near the NJ border in Bristol PA for the night.

Stay tuned!

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