Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Wrap-up Indiana and Start to New Jersey

June 26 Wednesday, 2013  

Friday the 21st was our night with Bailey the oldest granddaughter, she’s 11.   I promised Bailey if she ate dinner we would go to Wendy’s for a frosty.  She did eat some after her mom came over and helped with getting some dinner eaten.  So we did get those frosty’s after all.  

It was sort of a crappy evening weather wise as it was on and off raining.  We planned a campfire and Patty made sure we had one even in the rain.  We made some smores for Patty and I as Bailey was too cold to be outside.  I stayed up with Bailey till around 11:30 and it seems that she stayed up most of the night watching TV, playing games on Patty’s phone and making her own smores (cold).  I guess she had fun.  Ah, tween!

Saturday the 22nd we went to visit with my brother Roger and my sister Diana.  We did some catching up and looked at all of the house projects they have lined up.  They had a lot of hail damage so with some insurance help, they are doing a lot of stuff to their house and garage.  They both look great.  Seems like life is being good to them right now.

Patty with new color, cut, and style by Diana

Diana and Patty

Sunday the 23rd we had breakfast with Roger and Diana at Bob Evans and then headed out back to Crawfordsville 60 miles away.  We went over to my son’s house and had our last evening with the grandkids.  My daughter in-law had some of her family over with kids so we didn't stay too long.  My son went to work at 5:30 pm so we left shortly after that.  Ah, back to our RV house!

Patty, Suzanne, and Bailey played HORSE.

Livy mugging for the camera

Livy climbing the fence to say bye to dad as he leaves for work

A view of our site from across the lake at the Sugar Creek Campground.  We are the left most RV in the center of this photo

Monday the 24th we started getting ready to leave Crawfordsville.  I rearranged the “basement” again.  As we move around the basement becomes less organized so every so often it needed special treatment.   After some work around the site we headed off for a lunch with my stepfather Leon and his wife Barbara at Cracker Barrel.   Leon always likes to be early so he arrived at 10:30 am for what he thought was an 11 am lunch with us.  The time we agreed on was 11:30 so he and Barbara spent almost an hour there before we arrived.  Since lunch wasn't served till 11, they had breakfast before we arrived to have lunch.  This seems to be happening a lot now with them.  We had a good meal and they had massive strawberry shortcake for dessert as we chatted.

Tuesday the 25th was a very busy day.  First, we are leaving the site today to go a short distance to New Paris OH 125 miles away.  We also have dentist appointments in town starting at 8:45 am.  So we were up at 6:30 and started getting the RV ready to leave.  Patty also had another Dr appointment in Lafayette at 11:30.  We wanted the RV set-up for travel when we got back from Lafayette.

After getting the RV set-up to leave we jumped into the truck to go to the dentist.  We wanted to be early so we wouldn't need to rush to Lafayette after the dentist.  That plan didn't work; the truck battery was too weak to start the truck.  That was the first time that happened!  I had turned on the truck auxiliaries so I could see the tire pressures from the tire pressure monitoring system before we left.  This is the first thing I do before we leave so I am not surprised as we are leaving with a low tire.  It looks like we are going to need new batteries very soon.  We will get new ones from Chas, Patty’s son in NJ.

We were able to get a jump start quickly and were on our way to just make the appointment on-time!  The good thing was we were still out of the dentist quicker that we had planned so we had time to go back and finish setting up the RV for our move.

Our lunch place in Lafayette.  Way too much fat, but good!
Menu at the lunch place.  I had a pork tenderloin sandwich and Patty had a Baltimore with horsey sauce.  Both came with great fries and we had a starter of onion rings.  We both needed more Nexium after this meal!

Where you picked up your order.

We arrived back at our site from Lafayette at 1:15.  We hooked and off we went just before 2 pm to New Paris.  We had no issues getting there, however, the Indiana part of Interstate 70 is in terrible shape.  There are even signs letting drivers know that the roads are in bad shape and to take caution!  I 70 is a very heavily traveled road with a speed limit of 70 mph.  I only travel at 61 mph so trying to avoid potholes and large cracks in the road was very hard.  At one point I slowed down to 45 mph and at another time I moved over to the left side of the road for a few miles and was still just doing 55 mph in the 70!  We made it to our site for the night by 4:30.  We had a long day and just chilled out in the RV mostly.


Our site at Archway Campground in New Paris Ohio

Today we traveled to Spring Valley Campground in Cambridge, Ohio which is about 200 miles west of New Paris.  This is still one of the shorter distances for a travel day for us which I like.  I like moving, just not all in one day.

Our site in Spring Lake Campground in Cambridge Ohio

Tomorrow we travel to Burnt Cabins Campground
Burnt Cabins, PA.  Sounds like an interesting place!

Stay tuned!


Phil and Rudee said...

I'm jealous! Besides our kids and grand kids the thing I miss the most about Indiana is their breaded tenderloins! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Mark and Patty said...

Phil: Just had to have the breaded tenderloin. When in Indiana you just have to do it!