Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

Hard Travel Day to Burnt Cabins, PA

June 28 Friday, 2013

Wednesday night at the Spring Valley Campground in Cambridge OH it started to rain around midnight.  It rained all night and sort of let up during our morning departure routine.  We watch Raindar (mobile app) to see where the rain is and where it is going.  There was a narrow band, maybe 50 miles across but a couple hundred miles long north to south moving East and slightly North.  That was the thunderstorm that just passed us overnight. However, it looked like we were going to follow it in Pennsylvania.  That’s exactly what we did.  About 50 miles from our stop in Burnt Cabins, PA we caught up with the main part of the storm.  It just got worse as we went farther East.  Driving on the PA Turnpike is no real joy anyway with all of the trucks, hills, and curves.  Try doing that in rain and thunder to the point we couldn't see but just few feet and the truck tires were actually slipping going up hills due to the volume of water on the roads.  

The last 5 miles were the worst.   The exit for Burnt Cabins, 180, is on an upgrade curve with and emergency pull off right next to it.  As I approached the exit all I could initially see was all of the vehicle lights in the pull off making it look like there was major congestion at the exit.  It was only after I got in to the pull off that we found out it was not the exit!

We got to our new site at the Ye Old Campground at the Burnt Cabins Grist Mill safe but real tired.  This was one of our longest pulls for a while of 240 miles and with all of the rain and road conditions it was grueling   Then, to top it off, I got to set up for the first time in pouring rain.  Then, about half an hour after we got set up the rain went by us and stopped.  We took advantage of the dry conditions and went for a quick walk around and got a couple of subs for dinner at the camp store.  This is one of places where we wish we had more time to look around.  We are on a schedule to be in NJ by late Friday afternoon.

Our site in Burnt Cabins PA.

The Campground in behind the old Grist Mill.

The campground office and store.

Another view of our site.

A small nature trail at the campground.

Today we travel to Franklinville, New Jersey to our friends Debbie and Ian’s house.  Their place is about 191 miles from here in Burnt Cabins.  However, we need to negotiate Philadelphia on a summer Friday afternoon.  We need to hit Philadelphia midday to avoid most of the traffic, if that is possible.  We will be there until Monday when we move up to Sunny Rest Resort in the Poconos for a couple of weeks.

Stay tuned!

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