Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Now in Crawfordsville, Indiana

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

February 25, 2013   

Here we are 10 days since the last post.  The last couple of days the temperatures have been very hot here, in the upper 80s to low 90s.  After today, the forecast is for some rain and a little cooler. That's a good thing as the power was almost a brown out here from all of the AC on Sunday!

We have made a decision  We have now decided that we will not be back here, Seminole, next year.  We want to see what the parks are like in south Texas.  Right now we are planning to stay at Sandpipers RV Park in Edcouch Texas.  Sandpipers is about 15 miles from Matamoras Mexico and 70 miles from San Padre Island in the Gulf of mexico.  The way they drive in Texas 70 miles takes only 45 minutes!

Last Sunday we picked up our friends Debbie and Ian from NJ at the cruise terminal in Fort Lauderdale.  Seems they had a great time touring Cozumel, Costa Rica, and Panama.  We got back to the park and chilled until the Valentines party in the evening.  Patty sold 106 tickets for the party which is a little over half of the people here.The party was typical for here at Seminole with the separation during dinner of the French Canadians and the English speaking Americans.  The French speaking people make up around 80 % of the park and that held true for the party.  But, like our other parties, after eating and when drinking starts, we all mingle and have a great time. 

Debbie and Ian when back to the RV before us as their flights were at 8 am.  Patty and I got to bed around 1:30 am.  4:45 am came real fast though to take Debbie and Ian to the airport.

Debbie and Ian at the Valentines party.

Me Laurie, and Ian.

This past week we have gotten into somewhat of a routine.  Patty spends a lot of time in the day at the office.  I, on the other hand, ride my bike and read around the pool.  This last Saturday I also got into the act of volunteering and helped with moving a pool table from a building on the other side of the pool to the bar.  Bruce and I did all of the prep work making 2 ramps and taking down doors.  Then we had about 10 people help lift the pool table on to the carts to move it around the pool and then stand it up and attach the legs.  The whole process took 6 hours.

About every other night Patty has been tending bar.  ;is Taco  with free tacos for two drinks; Wing it Wednesday; Thirsty Thursday; Feminine Friday (free drink for ladies in Lingerie) and so on.  Saturday the park had a special BBQ night for $5 per plate.  Then, each night we end it with several games of Left Right Center or LRC for short.  The number of people playing keeps increasing each night.  Patty and I have played this before with family and with quarters.  We are playing it here with dollars!  It’s a lot of fun.

LRC game in process

New friends Kathy and Joe who left today for Ohio

New friends Laurie and Rhonda clowning around.  Lauri and her husband Dwayne leave for SC tomorrow.

We are just now starting to hear about people getting to the end of their stay here. This week we have 4 couples leaving.  Most leave here starting when we do around the middle of the month of March.  By the end of the month, in just those 2 weeks, the place will be almost empty.  It’s a little sad but we are really ready to move on to other things now.  It’s starting to feel like we live here and now and we need a vacation!

Today we were going to Haulover beach for the day.  This would only be only our second time since being here to go to Haulover. It just seems we have too much going on here to leave for a day. It’s 8:45 am as I write this and it’s already 78 outside and very windy, 15 -20 mph!  We don't like to go to the beach in the wind so we will try next week.

In the next few days I plan to wash the entire rig including the roof.  I have cleaning chemicals coming via the mail so when they arrive I will start.  This will be the first time I have cleaned the roof.  I don’t know the rules about RV cleaning at the next place we park so I’m going to take advantage of the easy rules here.

Patty locking up the office.

Mailing Debbie and Ian's leather sculpture to NJ

Measured to fit.  It should arrive tomorrow in NJ.

Stay tuned! 

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