Now in Byron, Georgia

Now in Byron, Georgia

We are now in Del Rio Texas

We are now in Del Rio Texas

RV Washing and Parties

March 06 Wednesday, 2013   

We are getting close to the end of our stay here in South Florida. Just 11 full days left here at the Seminole RV Resort in Davie Florida. We really are ready for a change but it will still be hard to do the good byes on St. Paddy’s day weekend. We really have become good friends with a lot of people here. But life goes on and things change. We have more people to see and things to do. 

Last Wednesday we made our second trip to Haulover Beach while the weather held up. After that it got colder and it rained. So in between the rain and the extreme cold, (coldest night of the South Florida winter at 42, brrr), I got the roof washed and I put a UV protectant coat on it. It’s so much better doing that kind of work when it’s not 90 degrees! I did the roof cleaning one day and the UV protectant the next day including washing the entire exterior of the RV. I was pretty done with manual work after that. I called it my exercise for the 2 days.

In the last couple of years the resort here put in a new sewer system. Originally Seminole mostly had only electric and water hook ups. We would not have stayed here in those days without a sewer hook-up, at least not for 3 months anyway. Well, last Thursday the sewer system in our part of the park backed up and we were told not to use it. It wasn't too bad as we had just dumped our tanks so we would be OK for a week or so. Also, we could still use the bath houses for everything. 

Saturday they had a septic pump truck come out to clean out the tank. Seems that the tank is cracked and that the ground water is filling the tank! So, no more using the bathroom in our RV! Then Yesterday, Tuesday, we find out that they have “fixed” the problem so we can again use our RV sewer connection. I don’t know how it was fixed but there are pipes running from the sewer tank into the woods behind the park. In the mean time I am making sure that my tanks are not full at any given time just in case. 

We had a couple of small parties this past week. The first was when Bruce left for his home in Newfoundland last week. Then, since it has been cold we decided to make chili and have some people over for that. These small parties and the events at the bar have made it increasingly necessary to schedule a liver transplant very soon! 

Yesterday, Tuesday we made it to Haulover Beach again. Haulover Beach is about a 1 hour drive with any route we have taken. We have gone the interstate route and it gets backed up and is very stressful. The best way we have found is to take the side roads. It takes the same time, even with stoplights, but is less traffic and is more scenic. It was a number 10 day on the beach with upper-70’s and a light breeze out of the south and clear blue sky and water. We will probably go one more time next week before we leave to go up north to Lutz FL. 

This week we are entered in a Petanque tournament with the French Canadians.  Next week we start to organize the RV for traveling again!

Danny, Bruce, and Patty at Bruce's going away party

Andre playing Guitar

Andre and Danny

Dan taking a turn on the ugly stick

Good pic of Danny

Nicole, Germain and Nicole

Time for Chili - Janelle

View of Petanque being played from our back window

Turtles stacked up to get warm 

poor guy has a hole in his shell!

Nice pic of the ducks in the pond here

Robert won LRC last night

Stay tuned!

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